Friday, June 26, 2020

5 Things on Friday 6/26/20

I'm struggling this morning. Yesterday was a wild day. Heck, this whole post could be about yesterday. Tears won't stop welling up. I realized yesterday how protective I am about the people I love, including the animals in my life.

5 Things on Friday

1. Yesterday was a God day. God used us in a way that was so beautiful to save the lives of two horses. One was the horse my daughter used to own, Stella. I'm going, to be honest. Stella is a big pain in the butt. She's stubborn, a food lover, and absolutely throws a temper tantrum if you try to ride her. In other words, she's an oversized dog. We had Stella for a few years. We worked with her because she had been abused, and she slowly allowed her to touch her face. Also, during that time, our "sterile horse" kept getting bigger and bigger and surprise a few weeks before delivery we found out we were expecting. We couldn't afford both horses, plus our daughter was into riding. It wasn't fun for her having a horse she couldn't ride, so we gave her back to the barn owner.

2. A few weeks ago, we upgraded the truck that we had for many years so we could plow and do other things. Well, that and we gave our oldest the older vehicle. Matt and the kids also randomly stopped by the barn to see Stella. It's been years! My oldest wanted to say goodbye before the barn moved to a new location. Matt and the kids found out that Stella was sold over a month ago. While they were there, which was strictly God, they found out that she was being starved.

3. Yesterday morning Faith showed me pictures of Stella. I was sick! We had to do something. I was making lunch, and I told her that I would take the truck if I needed to and go get her. Nevermind that I had no clue that it was over 3 hours away, and I've never hauled anything in my life. But, the tiger mom in me is ferocious and protective. Thankfully, Matt took his new truck, Faith, and the owner of the barn that Faith used to be at.

4. The pictures are horrifying. Stella and another horse were there for 32 days. They were bags of skin and bones. I'm not going to lie and say they didn't walk into a hostile situation. They did. Stella, who usually tries her best to ignore us and keep busy eating, ran up to them right away. She was ready to go home, the home where she is fed well, where her beautiful daughter is, and where she can be a horse.

5. My husband and daughter arrived home safely around 11 last night. God's work through them was so amazing. What was the chance that we would have a truck big enough to haul horses, or years later, just show up at the barn at the right moment? Stella is exhausted, but she was so happy to be home. Thank you, God, for using my family. I'm still welling up.  I pray she can heal, and those horrible people are brought to justice.

7 Easy Ways To Turn Your House Into A Home

If you want to make your house feel like home, then you'll have to make some changes, especially indoors. You will want to add a personal touch to the interior design, style, and decor.

Here are some of the easiest and quickest ways to turn your plain traditional house into a cozier home.

Add Family Photographs
After a long tiring day, you want to see the happy faces of your family (especially your kids) around you, right? Seeing them all smile can uplift spirits in an instant. Hang your family photographs on the walls. You can also set them up on bookshelves and end tables. Family photos can make a house a more welcoming place.

Use Your Favorite Colors
Don't just settle on the old and traditional house colors - splash it up with the ones you love the most. Paint your room with the colors that you like. If wall painting is not an option, you can use colored fabrics as additional designs. You can also change your pillows, bedsheets, and furniture with the colors that you like.

House Scent
You can create a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere inside your house by making it smell great. Scented candles, indoor plants, oil diffusers, and wax burners are few of the many ways that can help make your house smell better. Some favorite scents for homes include cinnamon, orange, and lavender.

Re-arrange Furniture
Re-arrange the furniture inside your house to make it look more spacious and comfortable. In the living room, make sure that the seating areas are placed in a way that encourages conversations. In the bedroom, place your bed in an area away from outside noise. Re-arrange everything until you are satisfied with their looks and placement around your home.

Get Rid of the Clutter
Your house won't look and feel like home when clutter is everywhere. Clutter is a stress trigger, so try to eliminate as much as you can. Organize everything inside your house. Throw away things that don't hold any kind of value at all. If there are broken things, fix them before it can cause a more significant issue. Seeing an organized space can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Safety and Security
Keep your house and the people who live in it safe and sound at all times. Install modern security features, such as CCTV and alarms. Install exterior lightings that don't leave a blind spot. Cut and trim down grass and trees that can be a hiding place for burglars. 

Update Your House Gradually
Upgrading your house doesn't mean spending lots of money in an instant. If your dream furniture goes on sale, buy it! You can also improve one room at a time. For example, renovate your bathroom first then the kitchen in the next three months.

About the Author

Ron is the webmaster of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates website - an online portal that offers homes for sale and lease in Michigan. You can visit his blog for more tips and advice.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Five Items You Need This Summer

Five Items You Need This Summer, drinks, summer, cocktails, pool drinks, pool toys, pool fun, velour bedding, flamingo, summer, beach, beach chair, patio lights,
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Summer is here! Well, technically, it begins next week, but it's been so lovely out it feels like we have been in summer for a few weeks. After the last few months, we deserve some fantastic weather! I'm sure you agree with me on that one! I have come up with Five Items You Need This Summer! Are you ready? Do you have your bathing suit and floaty on?

Five Items You Need This Summer

Five Items You Need This Summer, drinks, summer, cocktails, pool drinks, pool toys, pool fun, velour bedding, flamingo, summer, beach, beach chair, patio lights,

Okay, how can you not love these floating flamingoes? Every pool should have a set. Whether you have a big luxurious pool, and adult sunning pool or use these cuties in your hot tub. They will hold your cans of Hard Seltzer perfectly. 

Five Items You Need This Summer, drinks, summer, cocktails, pool drinks, pool toys, pool fun, velour bedding, flamingo, summer, beach, beach chair, patio lights,

So, you know how most teens rooms light up with different colors, and you're slightly jealous? Well, now you can have your umbrella change colors! How cool is this? I'm totally buying it, stat! 

Five Items You Need This Summer, drinks, summer, cocktails, pool drinks, pool toys, pool fun, velour bedding, flamingo, summer, beach, beach chair, patio lights,

Skip the commitment and get an inflatable hot tub! Heck, you can even take this one on vacation with you so you can skip the added fees. LOL! I love this is something you can use during the summer and beyond. You better believe my flamingoes will be floating during the winter months!

Five Items You Need This Summer, drinks, summer, cocktails, pool drinks, pool toys, pool fun, velour bedding, flamingo, summer, beach, beach chair, patio lights,

It's time to put away the heavy winter comforters and grab yourself a lightweight velour blanket. I love these for the summer. They come in all sizes and colors. I hope you like them as much as I do!


Five Items You Need This Summer, drinks, summer, cocktails, pool drinks, pool toys, pool fun, velour bedding, flamingo, summer, beach, beach chair, patio lights,

A floating unicorn? Yes, please! Heck, don't let the local kids hijack your sparkly unicorn from you! I might grab one for my backyard! LOL!

Which is your favorite of my Five Items You Need This Summer? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Friday, June 12, 2020

5 Things on Friday 6/12/20

This week has been nutty. It's been one of those weeks that's full of ups and downs. Let's catch up!

1. We took out our boat for the first time this year. Let's just say it was a rough start. My friend and I were behind Matt and the kids, and we see something flying at her car window. It was our boat tire shredding. I had to call Matt to stop and back home we went. I had to take it to the shop to get it fixed, and an hour or two later, we were back on the road. Round two brought our regular boat launch being closed. We ended up buying a season pass at Metro and launched from there. That turned out to be nice because it's definitely a nicer launch and had lots to do. After that, things became a little calmer. Not that beautiful relaxing day I had planned for, but that's life.

2. After boating, we went to our first restaurant to dine in. I can't say it was everything I've been dreaming about. The menus are super limited and printed on paper so they can throw them away. Also, you need your mask anytime you leave the table. It was kind of weird, and I don't know how I felt about the situation.

3. I finished another year with my personal trainer. This year I went up to working out with her 2-3 days a week, and I saw a massive change in my body. I've become so much more muscular. Now, if only I could drop the couple pounds that I've gained over the last few months...

4. K has finally finished Middle School. What a rough ride the last few weeks have been. She didn't think she needed to do her work to pass. Ugh, I told her differently. Then after emails from teachers telling her she wouldn't get the credit, she spent a full week maybe two doing all of her homework from daylight to dark. All is done, and she has full credit in all of her classes. Also, she was happy she got into the high school she wanted so she can stay with her friends. 

5. Matt bought a new truck this week. I think his is rounding ten years old. He can plow and haul with the new one. Faith is just waiting on her SOS date so she can get her license. She passed her final driving test. We will be letting her drive the red truck. She will be paying for insurance and gas. She's excited. Of course, I'm nervous because she scares me driving.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

6 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying A House

First-time homebuyers are usually tempted to settle for the first house that falls within their price range without giving the purchase much thought. As with any major purchase, buying a house requires a lot of research, plenty of help, and patience. If you are planning to buy a home, these are the things you need to consider:

1. Needs

There are many different types of houses available, and choosing your home is perhaps the first big decision you will need to make. Know your needs and choose a home that fits your lifestyle. Try to think about whether you want to live in a single-family home with a yard or a farm. Consider the utilities you desire, especially the number of rooms and bathrooms that your family needs. Do you need a garage for the car or a workroom? Make a list of these features in order of importance.

2. Research

Once you have identified the type of property you want and need, it’s time to research the market on what’s available out there. Don’t settle for the first one that you come across. This is a great time to research about the location you have in mind. Know if it has excellent transport connections, banks, schools, hospitals, and commercial areas. Additionally, see if the city or municipality where the property is located has proper infrastructure to protect houses from natural calamities.

3. Budget

Create a financial plan and stick to it. Determine the price range you can afford and know the amount of cash available for the deposit and buying costs. This will enable you to figure out what type of property you will be able to afford.

Prepare at least 20% of the purchase price to qualify for an 80% loan-to-value ratio loan, and an additional 5% of the property’s purchase price to take care of fees and other buying costs. When you have figured out your budget, you will then know what type of property and where you will be able to afford it.

4. Help

Real estate professionals can definitely help you make that purchase successfully. They will locate various houses that fit your needs, help you choose the right home, negotiate the terms and conditions of purchase, and help you through the process. Mortgage brokers are going to help you find the mortgage loan with the best terms for your situation while closing services are going to organize and manage the paperwork to guarantee a smooth transaction. Don’t hesitate to tell the professionals what you need, they will help you.

5. Financing

Make sure that you have all the required documents with you, such as employment certificates, payslips, or tax returns, when you are getting a bank to finance your home purchase. Be prepared because getting a mortgage loan can also be very complicated. Talk to several institutions and compare their terms and rates.

6. Save

Lastly, the process of buying your first home doesn’t end when you move in. Besides the mortgage that you need to pay monthly, there are also other expenses to take care of, such as repairs, insurance, association fees, etc. Don’t spend more than 30% of your monthly payments on paying off a mortgage loan because if you spend higher than this, you’ll find it challenging to cope with your other expenses.

About the Author

Ron is the webmaster of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates website - an online portal that offers homes for sale and lease in Michigan. You can visit his blog for more buying tips and advice.