Saturday, August 1, 2020

SilverandGold's Treasure Hunt

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SilverandGold's Treasure Hunt

On August 22, 2020, in Wayne County, Michigan, something fun and exciting is taking place! You could be the first person to find the treasure! The treasure is $4,000 in silver and gold. You also have the option of selling your winnings back for CASH! How fun does this sound? It's like a real-life treasure hunt, and you can pretend to be a pirate! 

The best part?  A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Children's Leukemia Foundation of Michigan! 

How does the treasure hunt work? First of all, purchase your ticket! Clues will be released on a private Facebook page every 15-20 minutes, starting at 10 AM on August 22, 2020. Make sure you sign up for the private FB group at least 24 hours ahead of time, so you don't miss a single thing.

Grab your family and friends because this is for a beautiful cause and get ready to solve puzzles and find clues to find the x that marks the spot for the treasure. Will your family be the big winner? There is only one way to find out.

So, you're probably wondering how you can sign up. I know that crossed my mind! One ticket is all you need for your entire family! Yep, what a deal! Okay, you might want to grab some of those smarty pant family members to help solve the puzzle but skip the ones that won't share the booty! In all seriousness, it's fun for the whole family. 

Will you be the lucky winner? There is only one way to find out! You can learn more about signing up by visiting https://silverandgold.com/pages/silverandgoldtreasurehunt!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Top 6 Tips for Renting with Pets

There are a lot of pet-friendly apartments that offer generous accommodations. 60% of landlords allow pets, but some of them will refuse to have dogs on their property. Finding a pet-friendly apartment is not easy because it does take more time and limits your options. So, for all pet parents out there, we have put together some tips to make sure you are well prepared with your pets. 

Here are some tips and essential things you need to know about apartment renting with pets.

1. Consider the environment. When searching for your new apartment, make sure to consider the surroundings. If you have a dog, look if there’s a yard for your dog and if there are good areas nearby for walks. Ask yourself if you would feel safe walking with your dog in the neighborhood at night. These things are helpful ideas to consider before renting an apartment with pets.

2. Tell the truth. If you tell the truth to the landlord, he will be much easier to convince and more forgiving. Keep in mind that the landlord will definitely find out if you have a pet or if you have more animals than you told him. It’s better if you come out with it right away. Therefore, you will not be faced with an eviction notice or other legal ramifications for trying to keep it a secret.

3. Be responsible. Apartment renting with pets requires responsibility. Lack of responsibility will cause landlords to refuse pets on their properties. You need to show your landlord that you are responsible, so he will allow you to rent the apartment and stay as long as you want.

4. Try to introduce your pet. Before signing any documentation, try to introduce your pet to your new landlord, and that is your chance to clearly communicate who you are as a pet owner and show what your pet is like. We know that not all animals are well behaved all the time, but if you have a great pet that will surely melt the heart of the landlord, then use it to your advantage.

5. Suggest a trial period. If the landlord is not sure about allowing you to rent with your pet, you might be able to persuade him by suggesting a short-term trial period.

6. Get it in writing. If you want to rent an apartment with your pet, you will probably have to pay a bit extra when signing your lease. A verbal agreement is a good start, but you have to protect yourself and your pet by having a pet lease outlining the terms of your contract. Just make sure all the conditions that were agreed upon concerning your pet have been written up clearly and reviewed before signing. Don’t rent an apartment with your pet without signing a pet lease because you and your pet deserve legal protection, and of course, your landlord will also put him or herself at risk if you don’t have a pet agreement in place.

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Friday, July 17, 2020

5 Things on Friday 7/17/2020

Grab a cup of joe and let's chit-chat. I've had a ton going on lately! So here is the lowdown of my chaotic life.

1. Faith got her driver's license yesterday. I heard someone say that SOS is so much better. Ugh, not so. Even with an appointment, the line went down the street, plus once we got inside, we had to wait in another line only to realize we forgot a document. We had to go back home and then wait in the inside line again. Of course, the first place she went in her big red truck was to get bubble tea. I think she's naming her vehicle Henrietta. 

2. I lost a bidding war on a fantastic house in Lexington. It looked like it was done by HGTV. This is the second house we've lost from someone coming along and paying over 20K above asking and cash. I guess this dude is doing it all over the sub I want in. Uh duh, why would you buy a home that won't even appraise for what you paid just to rent out? I'm not really understanding the mentality of that, especially since they will have to skyrocket their prices to do rentals. Oh well! We're discussing buying a vacant lot and building. I need a break from the emotional roller coaster. The house that I have is adorable. I just need a few extras.

3. I've been killing it on the Alexia Clark program. I've been lifting probably close to five hours a week. Seriously, she's insane. I actually found one 25 pound weight in the Target at Fort Gratiot. Seriously, I wanted two, but I took it since it was like finding a treasure right now.

4. We've been going out on the boat one to two days a week. I love it. I feel at peace when I'm out. My soul that wants to be traveling is in awe of God's natural beauty, and I'm calm. That and I sleep so well after. Poor Keira blistered her face last weekend from not wearing her sunscreen correctly. So, we need to be more careful when we go back out later.

5. I've been a little heartbroken. I just canceled my flight to Florida, and I'm canceling my Cedar Point trip. I've been just hanging with my circle. I'm not about exposing my daughter that has asthma or accidentally hurting my parents. I don't know, life is so weird right now. I'm not sure what to think. I'm glad to have a beach house and my boat. That's where I will be spending time to make up for my vacations I will be missing.

Friday, June 26, 2020

5 Things on Friday 6/26/20

I'm struggling this morning. Yesterday was a wild day. Heck, this whole post could be about yesterday. Tears won't stop welling up. I realized yesterday how protective I am about the people I love, including the animals in my life.

5 Things on Friday

1. Yesterday was a God day. God used us in a way that was so beautiful to save the lives of two horses. One was the horse my daughter used to own, Stella. I'm going, to be honest. Stella is a big pain in the butt. She's stubborn, a food lover, and absolutely throws a temper tantrum if you try to ride her. In other words, she's an oversized dog. We had Stella for a few years. We worked with her because she had been abused, and she slowly allowed her to touch her face. Also, during that time, our "sterile horse" kept getting bigger and bigger and surprise a few weeks before delivery we found out we were expecting. We couldn't afford both horses, plus our daughter was into riding. It wasn't fun for her having a horse she couldn't ride, so we gave her back to the barn owner.

2. A few weeks ago, we upgraded the truck that we had for many years so we could plow and do other things. Well, that and we gave our oldest the older vehicle. Matt and the kids also randomly stopped by the barn to see Stella. It's been years! My oldest wanted to say goodbye before the barn moved to a new location. Matt and the kids found out that Stella was sold over a month ago. While they were there, which was strictly God, they found out that she was being starved.

3. Yesterday morning Faith showed me pictures of Stella. I was sick! We had to do something. I was making lunch, and I told her that I would take the truck if I needed to and go get her. Nevermind that I had no clue that it was over 3 hours away, and I've never hauled anything in my life. But, the tiger mom in me is ferocious and protective. Thankfully, Matt took his new truck, Faith, and the owner of the barn that Faith used to be at.

4. The pictures are horrifying. Stella and another horse were there for 32 days. They were bags of skin and bones. I'm not going to lie and say they didn't walk into a hostile situation. They did. Stella, who usually tries her best to ignore us and keep busy eating, ran up to them right away. She was ready to go home, the home where she is fed well, where her beautiful daughter is, and where she can be a horse.

5. My husband and daughter arrived home safely around 11 last night. God's work through them was so amazing. What was the chance that we would have a truck big enough to haul horses, or years later, just show up at the barn at the right moment? Stella is exhausted, but she was so happy to be home. Thank you, God, for using my family. I'm still welling up.  I pray she can heal, and those horrible people are brought to justice.

7 Easy Ways To Turn Your House Into A Home

If you want to make your house feel like home, then you'll have to make some changes, especially indoors. You will want to add a personal touch to the interior design, style, and decor.

Here are some of the easiest and quickest ways to turn your plain traditional house into a cozier home.

Add Family Photographs
After a long tiring day, you want to see the happy faces of your family (especially your kids) around you, right? Seeing them all smile can uplift spirits in an instant. Hang your family photographs on the walls. You can also set them up on bookshelves and end tables. Family photos can make a house a more welcoming place.

Use Your Favorite Colors
Don't just settle on the old and traditional house colors - splash it up with the ones you love the most. Paint your room with the colors that you like. If wall painting is not an option, you can use colored fabrics as additional designs. You can also change your pillows, bedsheets, and furniture with the colors that you like.

House Scent
You can create a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere inside your house by making it smell great. Scented candles, indoor plants, oil diffusers, and wax burners are few of the many ways that can help make your house smell better. Some favorite scents for homes include cinnamon, orange, and lavender.

Re-arrange Furniture
Re-arrange the furniture inside your house to make it look more spacious and comfortable. In the living room, make sure that the seating areas are placed in a way that encourages conversations. In the bedroom, place your bed in an area away from outside noise. Re-arrange everything until you are satisfied with their looks and placement around your home.

Get Rid of the Clutter
Your house won't look and feel like home when clutter is everywhere. Clutter is a stress trigger, so try to eliminate as much as you can. Organize everything inside your house. Throw away things that don't hold any kind of value at all. If there are broken things, fix them before it can cause a more significant issue. Seeing an organized space can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Safety and Security
Keep your house and the people who live in it safe and sound at all times. Install modern security features, such as CCTV and alarms. Install exterior lightings that don't leave a blind spot. Cut and trim down grass and trees that can be a hiding place for burglars. 

Update Your House Gradually
Upgrading your house doesn't mean spending lots of money in an instant. If your dream furniture goes on sale, buy it! You can also improve one room at a time. For example, renovate your bathroom first then the kitchen in the next three months.

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Ron is the webmaster of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates website - an online portal that offers homes for sale and lease in Michigan. You can visit his blog for more tips and advice.