Sunday, September 20, 2020

7 Ways to Declutter Your House Fast

Clean Minimalist Home Interior

Recently, minimalism has been a trend, therefore, motivating people to declutter their homes. Even in fashion, architecture, and lifestyle, people are beginning to understand the beauty that lies in simplicity. Research says that decluttering and living a minimalist life, in general, can be beneficial to our mental health and well-being. 

For instance, going home to a cluttered home after a long and stressful day at work can cause more stress. Furthermore, minimalism and decluttering can help us on our way to financial freedom. Since it is all about focusing on the things that you need and removing the garbage of life, it will make us focus our energy on our passions. 

However, decluttering can be challenging, especially if you are living in a manufactured house and haven’t lived in one before. Here are some tips on how to declutter your house fast:

1. Learn to let go of things that you no longer use. 

Like Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying consultant who became well-known because of her books on decluttering and organizing, puts it, only keep things that “spark joy.” Doing so enables us to live the life that we truly want and envision. Once you’ve collected all items that do not spark joy, put them in boxes or in plastic bags, and then consider giving them to your family or friends who may want to have them. It’s also a good idea to donate.

2. Categorize your belongings

Marie Kondo suggests that we organize our belongings by categorizing them into the following:

- Clothes

- Books

- Papers (Categorize into 3 types: Papers that need attention, papers that are necessary for the short-term, and papers that are necessary indefinitely)

- Komono (Miscellaneous items- grooming products, kitchen utensils, beddings)

- Sentimental items

3. Invest in organizers (storage boxes, shelves, drawers, etc.)

As much as possible, make things look tidy and organized by purchasing organizers such as hikidashi boxes, which are great, especially for managing underwear items. Shelves are also helpful, especially in the kitchen. It allows you to see your things at a glance.

4. Consider taking photos of your documents/films

You may want to consider scanning some documents or photos then store them into your computers or hard drives. This can also be easier to organize and keep track.

5. Set a deadline

This is important, especially when you want to declutter fast. You can try to declutter in 1-2 days, but this is easier said than done. It usually takes 5 to 7 days for deep decluttering and organizing. You may also want to try setting goals for each day of decluttering (for example, for the first day, you can focus on clothes and books, then another category in the next few days).

6. Label

Especially when it comes to garage and basement items, labeling can be a tremendous help! Consider purchasing a label maker if you have the extra money to put labels on boxes. It’s a suitable method for the organization and less worry when looking for something around the house! 

7. Make it a bonding moment

Decluttering is not easy, but it is worth it, especially if you’re doing it for fun! Consider doing it with your partner, friend, family member, or anyone you’d like to declutter with. Put on some music, prepare some snacks as a reward after a hard day’s work. It can be fun!

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Ron is the webmaster of MichiganHousesOnline.Com. For more home cleaning tips and advice, you can check out his blog.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Five Things on Friday 8/21/2020

Happy Friday! These summer days are becoming shorter and shorter, which breaks my heart. Grab a cup of joe, and let's catch up!

1. Almost two weeks ago, hubby came down with stomach issues and a headache. Of course, I made him go get tested for Covid-19. We were in the Lansing area for a weekend for karate, and even though everyone was outside and wearing a mask all weekend, you just never know. He came back negative. During this time, I ended up sick with cold-like symptoms, and so I went and was tested and was negative. It's so sad to think that every single time we get sick, that nasty virus will be in the back of our minds. 

2. We've been trying to upgrade our beach house all summer. We've had two houses we bid over asking and still lost out on. God has had our back without a doubt. I just happened to look at Zillow a few weeks ago, which I haven't done in a long time. There sat a cute house with a garage, fantastic porch, dishwasher, private backyard, washer, and dryer, plus more storage and bedrooms—every single item I have had on my wish list. We made an offer, and I had zero hope. I really didn't even think much about it like I did the others. That evening I got a text that our offer has been accepted and was in shock. The inspection went well, and now just waiting on all of the little details. I decided to put my other house up for sale as soon as the appraisal comes back. I could keep them both, but the business sucks up so much of our time. I want less instead of more. 

3. We've been getting ready for school mode. K is starting homeschool this year. F has already started her college classes. She has a lot on her plate this year with finishing her senior year and 2 college classes. 

4. Everything has calmed back down with the dogs. My dog Izzy tried to kill my chihuahua a few weeks ago. Sophie had broken ribs, stitches, and her lungs were affected. I thought about putting evil sister (Izzy) down. I couldn't do it. We now keep them completely separated. Izzy even has her own section of the house, and I rotate who gets to be in the central part of the house. Izzy doesn't have many years left, so I just couldn't bring my heart to doing it.

5. I have worked out 5 days a week since March. Because I had a fever, I allowed myself to take a week off. Let me tell you it was hard. When you fall into a routine, it's hard to get off. I even forced myself to take the Fitbit off because I had noticed my fitness level went down. Nope, it's okay to rest your body. I will be back at it on Monday.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Amazon Favorites Part 1

Amazon Favorites, acne, purse, phone holder, socks, hair, beauty, hair care,
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I'm going to blurt it out. I love Amazon. I love shopping and getting a surprise delivered to my door to brighten my day. So, I'm going to tell you about some of my favorite purchases on Amazon!

Amazon Favorites Part 1

Amazon Favorites, acne, purse, phone holder, socks, hair, beauty, hair care,
Keebos is a sleek crossbody phone holder. It also has a storage place for your credit cards. I like this because you don't have to carry your purse with you. It makes getting out of the car quick and easy. Not to mention, there are tons of places that I don't want to be lugging a purse. The design is fashionable and comes in a variety of colors and fits many phones! 

Amazon Favorites, acne, purse, phone holder, socks, hair, beauty, hair care,
A few months ago, I discovered Hempz lotions. The scents are fabulous. I have trouble deciding which is my favorite, and so do my girls. I guess we just love them all. The lotion is light and makes your skin super silky. The lotion has more of a natural light scent. If you're like me and don't like overpowering scents, this is a wonderful choice.

Amazon Favorites, acne, purse, phone holder, socks, hair, beauty, hair care,

These are seriously my favorite socks. They don't slip or slide, and they last a long time. These are not the socks that you will lose inside of your shoe or boot. Nope, not at all. Plus, they're a great price! 

Amazon Favorites, acne, purse, phone holder, socks, hair, beauty, hair care,
I have cystic acne. My skin stays clear until that time of the month. I just discovered these. Not only do these stickers cover up big red sores, but they also bring everything to the surface and suck it out like a vampire. Yes, I know it's gross, but it works well. 

Amazon Favorites, acne, purse, phone holder, socks, hair, beauty, hair care,
I first discovered the wonders of Olaplex when I started going blond. This potion in a little bottle can be used weekly to keep your hair super soft and in fabulous condition. When the salons were closed I kept right up using Olaplex. It's a miracle worker for your hair. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

SilverandGold's Treasure Hunt

SilverandGold's Treasure hunt, Metro Detroit, things to do,
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SilverandGold's Treasure Hunt

On August 22, 2020, in Wayne County, Michigan, something fun and exciting is taking place! You could be the first person to find the treasure! The treasure is $4,000 in silver and gold. You also have the option of selling your winnings back for CASH! How fun does this sound? It's like a real-life treasure hunt, and you can pretend to be a pirate! 

The best part?  A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Children's Leukemia Foundation of Michigan! 

How does the treasure hunt work? First of all, purchase your ticket! Clues will be released on a private Facebook page every 15-20 minutes, starting at 10 AM on August 22, 2020. Make sure you sign up for the private FB group at least 24 hours ahead of time, so you don't miss a single thing.

Grab your family and friends because this is for a beautiful cause and get ready to solve puzzles and find clues to find the x that marks the spot for the treasure. Will your family be the big winner? There is only one way to find out.

So, you're probably wondering how you can sign up. I know that crossed my mind! One ticket is all you need for your entire family! Yep, what a deal! Okay, you might want to grab some of those smarty pant family members to help solve the puzzle but skip the ones that won't share the booty! In all seriousness, it's fun for the whole family. 

Will you be the lucky winner? There is only one way to find out! You can learn more about signing up by visiting https://silverandgold.com/pages/silverandgoldtreasurehunt!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Top 6 Tips for Renting with Pets

There are a lot of pet-friendly apartments that offer generous accommodations. 60% of landlords allow pets, but some of them will refuse to have dogs on their property. Finding a pet-friendly apartment is not easy because it does take more time and limits your options. So, for all pet parents out there, we have put together some tips to make sure you are well prepared with your pets. 

Here are some tips and essential things you need to know about apartment renting with pets.

1. Consider the environment. When searching for your new apartment, make sure to consider the surroundings. If you have a dog, look if there’s a yard for your dog and if there are good areas nearby for walks. Ask yourself if you would feel safe walking with your dog in the neighborhood at night. These things are helpful ideas to consider before renting an apartment with pets.

2. Tell the truth. If you tell the truth to the landlord, he will be much easier to convince and more forgiving. Keep in mind that the landlord will definitely find out if you have a pet or if you have more animals than you told him. It’s better if you come out with it right away. Therefore, you will not be faced with an eviction notice or other legal ramifications for trying to keep it a secret.

3. Be responsible. Apartment renting with pets requires responsibility. Lack of responsibility will cause landlords to refuse pets on their properties. You need to show your landlord that you are responsible, so he will allow you to rent the apartment and stay as long as you want.

4. Try to introduce your pet. Before signing any documentation, try to introduce your pet to your new landlord, and that is your chance to clearly communicate who you are as a pet owner and show what your pet is like. We know that not all animals are well behaved all the time, but if you have a great pet that will surely melt the heart of the landlord, then use it to your advantage.

5. Suggest a trial period. If the landlord is not sure about allowing you to rent with your pet, you might be able to persuade him by suggesting a short-term trial period.

6. Get it in writing. If you want to rent an apartment with your pet, you will probably have to pay a bit extra when signing your lease. A verbal agreement is a good start, but you have to protect yourself and your pet by having a pet lease outlining the terms of your contract. Just make sure all the conditions that were agreed upon concerning your pet have been written up clearly and reviewed before signing. Don’t rent an apartment with your pet without signing a pet lease because you and your pet deserve legal protection, and of course, your landlord will also put him or herself at risk if you don’t have a pet agreement in place.

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Ron is the webmaster of Apartments-For-Rent-In-Michigan.Com. For more apartment tips and advice, you can check out his blog.