Friday, March 27, 2020

5 Things on Friday Quarantine Style

Good morning! Welcome to the latest edition of 5 things on Friday quarantine style. Fifty years from now, people will be curious about what it was like living in quarantine for who knows how long, so I thought I would write about a few things going on in our lives.

1. This week I hosted a Zoom meeting for my MOPS table online. It was actually fun. I also attended church and went to a book club, which all were also online. It really helps you to feel connected in a time when we're isolated from being around friends and family. All these events were definitely highlights in my day.

2. I work out with a trainer three days a week. We moved our meetings to FB video. I was so impressed by how my butt could still be kicked by using hand weights. I'm so sore today, but I'm building not only muscle but my immunity!

3. I've been trying to get out daily and hike through our property, there are lots of nooks and crannies to discover, and it's also giving me a chance to dream about what I want to do with all of this land.

4. I think the hardest hit are teenagers. Especially since they have close friendships. My oldest, who is homeschooled and meets with her class once a week, is now going to class online. My youngest, who is in public school, has nothing school wise going on. 

To be honest, I've been the loosey-goosey parent. Why? Once kids become older, it's less about having everything planned out but allowing kids to make their own decisions and suffer the consequences. Let our kids learn from their mistakes. That's how they grow.

Last night my oldest at 2 AM woke me up moving furniture and vacuuming. Guess who we woke up at 9 AM? Yep, you wake me up, and I'm waking you up. 

5. You would think after being in quarantine for two weeks, I could proudly say I have accomplished many projects, but that hasn't been the case at all. I have conquered one project, which was spray painting a table for the beach house. I've been doing quite a bit of reading, watching TV, and working out six days a week. I might as well work on muscles since God willing I will be in Hawaii for two weeks in June. I'm still sad that we had to cancel our two weeks in Florida!

Please let me know how your family is in the comments. We are all healthy at the moment!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Handling Deliveries During Coronavirus

Handling Deliveries During Coronavirus, Coronavirus, packaging, shopping
I'm not a medical expert. All opinions are 100% my own. This blog contains affiliate links.

If you're like me, this Coronavirus has you on edge. My family and I have minimal exposure to the outside world right now, which is what I'm hoping everyone else is doing. Due to staying home more, I've been placing lots of online orders to avoid going out. Just today, I found out a local Amazon warehouse worker is carrying the virus. Yes, it's scary, but with proper safety measures handling deliveries during Coronavirus should not scare you. I've been doing lots of research, and here are some of my findings.

Handling Deliveries During Coronavirus

1. Limit contact with your delivery person. Our Fex Ex dude wanted to chat with me the other day, and I just cracked the door. If you have Ring, this comes in perfect since you don't have to even open the door. I completely forgot that I didn't even need to go to the door.

2. Studies are showing that the virus can live on packages from hours to days! It is recommended that you let a box set for 24 hours before opening it. If it's a plastic package, you should wait even longer than that. If it can't wait, especially if it's something like toilet paper, you can use a Lysol Wipe or Lysol the package. I've been finding that you need to be careful because the Lysol can stain the box.

3. If you bring a box inside make SURE to sanitize anywhere that the box touches. My husband seems to set my packages on our island. After the box is completely disposed of, I wipe everything down with a Lysol wipe. If you can't find them, I'm sure there are lots of homemade recipes on the internet.  

4. Don't forget to clean the floor when you place items down! You can bring in and spread lots of germs.

5. Let's talk about food delivery. I've been reading that it's perfectly safe to have food delivered but beware of a few things. First of all, of the packaging. I've been putting on my plastic gloves to remove items out of the bag. Make sure to sanitize anywhere the bag touches. It's HIGHLY recommended that you transfer food to a plate because the food packaging could be contaminated. 

6. Wash your hands! Seriously, this is the most important thing you can do. Make sure your hands are completely covered in soap, and you wash for 20 seconds! You can recite a poem or sing a song to make sure you hit 20 seconds!

I know this all might seem a little excessive, but I would rather be safe than sorry! I hope this answered some questions about handling deliveries during Coronavirus. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy!

Monday, March 23, 2020

3 Important Home Buying Tips for Young Couples

Whether you are newly married or on a straight path to tying the knot, buying your first home is an equally exciting and challenging task. Most young couples are eager to settle down quickly and start a family in a haven. However, finding good real estate with a limited budget is not that easy. 

Friday, February 28, 2020

5 Thing on Friday 2/28/20

Welcome! Baby, it's sure cold outside. I'm freezing even though I have two fireplaces going. Oh well, we're supposed to be close to 50 degrees next week, so it's all good. We haven't talked in a while, so I'm going to fill you in! 

1. My youngest had surgery last week. It was a rough week, even though K handled the operation like a pro. It was a pretty gruesome surgery so nurse mom was in full action for a few days. She has a follow-up today with the surgeon, but she's back to herself, and I'm so relieved it's over. That poor kid has had more dental work that most people will have in their lives.

2. I have had the winter blah's for about a month now. I seriously have a beautiful life, but they get me down every single year. My weight-lifting sessions help so much and give me a boost. I'm so looking forward to 11 days in Florida but freaking a little about flying with the Coronavirus going on. I think media and the press make these things so much bigger than they are.

3. I'm seven months into letting my hair go gray. Guess what I keep doing? Throwing Overtone on it. Someone said to me today you have to 100% want to do this for yourself and not anyone else. I have a few people in my life really rooting for no dye. My mom mentioned to me today if I didn't have people pushing, I would have dyed it by now, which is the truth. Maybe right now is not the time since I keep still trying to cover it up. Perhaps ten years from now? I don't want to be someone influenced by others. I want to make my own decisions, and when I'm ready, no opinion will be able to stop me because I'm stubborn as hell.

4. This weekend is pretty low key. Tonight, we probably will watch something on Netflix and get pizza. Tomorrow, I have my workout, lunch with a friend, and K has been dying to go to Chick-Fil-A. We will see. Sunday, probably church and a funeral for one of our residents. This is already the second funeral since I moved here in December.

5. The house front is moving slow. The bathroom that we're redoing is taking forever. We have plaster walls in there and decided to keep them, and we have to keep fixing and patching spots. Hopefully, soon we can paint and move on. I'm not sure I love everything I picked out in there. The black granite in the bathroom is a pain in the butt. I do enjoy my awesome tub and tile work Matt did. It's gorgeous. Who knows, once it's done I might change my mind.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Family-Friendly Surin Beach Villas

This blog post is sponsored. All opinions are my own.
My family and I live in Michigan. It's cold, wet, and most days are dreary and gray during the winter months. I've been dreaming of the sun, beach, and about being pampered. The family-friendly Surin Beach Villas are just what I need this time of the year!

Family-Friendly Surin Beach Villas

Surin Beach in Phuket is quickly gaining a reputation as a five-star beach. It's catching on not only as a family-friendly area, but you might just spot some celebrities vacationing. Surin Beach is known for its gorgeous white sandy beaches and aqua-colored waters! 

There is so much to do in the area! You and your family can spend a day playing at the beach, take a local cooking class, or jump in the car for a ten-minute drive to the local theme park just to name a few ideas. You will never hear your kids say the dreaded "I'm bored."

Can you imagine waking up to this view with a cup of coffee? Me neither! The family-friendly Surin Beach Villas are extraordinary. The villas sleep a minimum of seven people depending on which dream home you rent. So, you could take your kids and another family with you. Or, grab a few couples for a wonderfully relaxing dream getaway.

These villas have it all. Depending on which one you rent, some include a waitstaff. Also, you can take advantage of your own private chef. Yes, please. Have I ever mentioned that I hate to cook? Make sure you check out all of the amenities. You will feel like a queen in these villas. 

Not only are the beach views beautiful the inside of the villas are decorated luxuriously. Can you imagine having this living room for a week? Neither can I. My bags are packed and ready to go!

It's that time of the year when the winter blahs have kicked in, and it's time for an escape. The family-friendly Surin Beach Villas is everything you need for a perfect holiday in the sun!