Friday, January 10, 2020

5 Things on Friday 1/10/20

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It's been a month and a half since I've written anything. So let's play a little catch-up. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

1. We were just about to list our house when the neighbor's friend was looking for a home. They made an offer, and we accepted it. It was so easy. I could tell that God was at work. When things are meant to be, there is little or no friction. It was a HUGE weight lifted on us. Us moving would have been simple if we weren't moving into someone's lifetime of stuff. We've been cleaning, pitching and donating since May. It's been non-stop since the addition started at the beginning of July. We moved into the new house in the second week of December. I'm not going to lie. That part was a little rough. The construction dust and the basement is a horror movie that has been horrible on all of our allergies. It's getting better every week. I don't miss my old house. I absolutely love our views in the woods and living by my parents.

2. I'm so picky. I've been buying and returning so many items. I can't quite get the right color of red that I'm looking for. My living room is light gray, and this time, I'm using red as pops of colors. When I find the right decorations, I will leave it. The problem is just finding what works.

3. Even though the new house is FAR from being done, we are going to celebrate our progress and have friends over for a game night. I'm a little out of sorts doing this because seriously, it's still a mess. But, life is about progress, and we've come a long way.

4. I'm really enjoying my personal training. I think I am the most fit that I've ever been in my whole entire life. I have lines and definition that I've never had before. I'm going into full training mode before our two weeks in Hawaii.

5. I've come to the realization that I think the teenage years are the hardest. They feel so many emotions, which makes them hard to deal with. Sometimes I would love to spend a few minutes with the sweet little girls they once were. The ones that loved me ferociously. Right now, they are pushing to grow up, which is precisely what they're supposed to be doing.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Best Family Christmas Pajamas Gift Guide

This blog post is sponsored and contains affiliate links. Best Family Christmas Pajamas Gift Guide

I love fashion, but I love my pajamas most of all. Each year I try to grab my girls and I matching pajamas, so we look somewhat put together on Christmas morning. So, when Shinesty contacted me to check out their Christmas pajamas, I was all for it.

Best Family Christmas Pajamas Gift Guide

I've been super picky about reviewing items because I have very little time right now with us getting ready to move. I'm ALL about fun companies, and when I took a peek at the Shinesty website, I was smitten. Why? They weren't your typical company that sells boring items. Seriously go take a look!!! 

The pajamas I selected were called "50 Shades of Santa". That made me chuckle right there. I didn't know what to expect when I opened the box. All of my expectations were definitely met and exceeded. The pajamas were super silky feeling and comfy but didn't look like I was wearing a sack of potatoes. Friends, the best part was the pockets I so fell in love! Go check out Shinesty!!!

I also adore the set above. It has excellent reviews and is modestly priced. I'm all into red, and black checked this season. You can grab this set from infant to adult and would look great for fun Christmas pictures

Another top-rated family Christmas pajama set is from IF Family. I love the different designs they offer and the light-weight of the fabric. They come in six different patterns, so you're sure to find something to match your family's personality

PajamaGram is a little on the higher end of cost-wise, but people rave over the quality and design. They even offer pajamas for your pets! These Christmas pajamas make such cute pictures!!! Check out the reviews

I'm a huge Elf fan. I'm talking about the movie. This is why I'm adding these to my best family Christmas pajamas list. They're nicely priced and have excellent reviews. Another set I would love to add to my pajama collection!

I hope you find the perfect pair for your family!!!!

Friday, November 15, 2019

5 Things on Friday

Hello! Thanks for joining me for another edition of 5 things on Friday. Let's catch up for a little bit!

1. After 5 months, our addition is finally finished. I'm so happy that I can finally clean. You should see the dust and dirt in all of the other rooms from the remodel. We are finishing up our bathroom. We did a complete tear-out. We have the floor almost done and the bathtub in. As soon as things are functional, I will put my house up for sale. I'm not quite sure how I feel. The addition is beyond beautiful, but the rest of the house still looks like a dungeon. Oh, well! It will be easier to keep working on it once I live there. Going back and forth and having hubby gone 15 hours a day is getting to me.

2. I finished finally booking our Hawaii trip. It's definitely going to be a once in a lifetime trip for the amount I spent. I'm excited, nervous, all rolled into one. This coming year will be a year of travel for us. We also will be spending a week in Florida, so I guess I will not be using the beach house much. 

3. My youngest had two days off from school this week. One for the lousy weather and the second due to bus issues. Keira had a friend over, and I remembered what it was like having a toddler. She thought it would be a good idea to stick a pool stick down the sewer hole in the basement to see what was down there. Oh my, my head hurt, and it was a cause for lots of bleach.

4. I hate cold weather, so I work hard to change my outlook. I started a new tradition last year where we spend a lot of time going to the movies. Seriously, I really look forward to it. Last week we took Keira and her friend to see Harriet. It was okay. It would have been a better rental. Today, we're going to see Ford vs. Ferrari. I love our movie time together, even if I can't get the kids to go half the time anymore.

5. I'm mentally preparing myself to have a seventeen-year-old in another month. Seriously, it's like a dream; it goes so fast. I can't believe Keira will be in high school next year. It's hard to let go from parenting to being more of a guide in your child's life. I have to remember constantly that sometimes poor choices help kids to grow. We don't become who we are today without hard things that happen to us. We are made to withstand these storms and come out stronger. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Give the Gift of Swimming

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This blog post is sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own.
Kids these days have everything plus some. Our kids live in a day and age where most of them are spoiled, and they're always entertained by electronic devices. This year for the holidays give the gift of swimming.

Give the Gift of Swimming

According to Common Sense Media, teenagers spend an average of nine hours on their phone DAILY! Kids between the ages of 8-12 spend about six hours a day. These statistics are INSANE. Depression levels and mental issues seem to be on the rise!

I'm a huge believer in physical activity. During the long winter months, I find that doing some sort of exercise helps me. Our kids need to be active. It helps them mentally and physically. Our bodies were made to move not to sit for endless hours playing on an electronic device.

So, this holiday season give the gift of swimming! When you give the gift of swimming, you're giving the gift of a life lesson. Being able to swim brings so much enjoyment and fun into one's life!  Also, it helps you grow mentally and physically!

What are you waiting for? Call your local Aqua-Tots Swim School and give the life long gift of swim lessons! You will change a life!

Aqua-Tots Canton
43335 Joy Rd., Canton, MI 48187
(734) 828-2000

Aqua-Tots Novi 
44225 W. 12 Mile Road, Ste. C103, Novi, MI  48377
(248) 845-4544

Aqua-Tots Troy 
846 E. Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI  48083
(248) 845-4545

Aqua-Tots Sterling Heights 
44891 Hayes Rd., Sterling Heights, MI  48183
(586) 884-3633

Aqua-Tots Auburn Hills 
 (248) 537-4005
750 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, MI.  48316

Aqua-Tots Farmington Hills 
31221 W. 14 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI.  48334
 (248) 537-4004

Aqua-Tots Woodhaven 
21621 Allen Road. 
Woodhaven MI, 48183

Aqua-Tots Dearborn 
Coming in 2020

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Flashfood Now at Meijer

This blog post is sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own.

There's a new app called Flashfood, and it's been saving people a BIG on their grocery bill at Meijer! New to Michigan is the Flashfood app who has partnered with Meijer in the metro Detroit area to reduce store generated food waste and help people buy discounted groceries. When I say a discount, I'm saying at least 50% off!! The app is simple to use; you browse and pay on the app, pick up at the front of the store at the Flashfood fridge, and have customer service confirm your order. A great and easy win-win opportunity to empower the community! 

Flashfood Now at Meijer

Fresh items like $5 produce boxes, meats like $1.50 12oz breakfast patties, and so much more, which would otherwise be thrown out due to their upcoming sell-by date, will instead be placed on Flashfood app. Shoppers can download the FREE app on iOS or Android stores.

This year, Flashfood launched in 405 stores across Canada, with Canadian grocery giant Loblaws and has diverted over 2 MILLION pounds of food from landfills.

Flashfood is now available at four Meijer locations (Meijer Howell, Meijer Commerce Haggerty Rd, Meijer Brighton, and Meijer Waterford).
I'm so excited to check out Flashfood as soon as it becomes a little closer to me! I LOVE saving money!