Little Ms. Mismatched

  So, I know there are Moms out there that will not let the kids out of the house mismatched.  Yes, I was once one of them.   If you have little ones that don't care how you dress them yet, take full advantage of it.  Get all of the lace, bows, tulle, skirts, and dresses, fully out of your system.  Because, the day will come, that they will have a style of their own.  

My 9 year old daughter, Faith went through a phase where she wanted to dress only like Billy the Exterminator, yes, I will say it again, Billy the Exterminator.  She wanted the spikes, her hair dyed black, and all black clothing.  I advised her that she couldn't get away with the spikes at school, because it could possibly harm someone.  So, she compromised, with Splat washable hair dye, and some black jeans.  It kills me that I cannot get that kid to wear a dress, but I've come to the conclusion, she is who she is.  If she wants to wear all black clothing who cares?  Even thought Mom dies a little inside, I don't want my kid to be forced into someone that she is not.  So, when she marches down the stairs, everyday wearing spandex, (yes the Billy Exterminator is now over), I now just smile and go on.  

My youngest, is the little Ms. Matched style queen.  One summer she made boots and skirts popular before that was even in.  She loves the frills, and jewelry layered to the point of being obnoxious.   She is her own Joan Rivers in a 6 year old body.  It doesn't matter if it's mismatched she ALWAYS manages to make it look good.  It never surprises me when I see blue socks, pink shirt, paired with a pink tutu.  She can get away with it, with a quick toss of her blond curly hair, and big blue eyes.

So, what I'm saying is what does it really matter?  Yes, it may drive the OCD parents bonkers.  Yes, I will admit I'm a bit OCD.  Don't you have days where you wish you could be Little Ms. Mismatched and get away with it?  I sure do!  Our kids are much cuter then we are, (just in my opinion), so let them express themselves.  Who knows, one day they might end up working at Vogue.



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