Brother Husbands

I can't help, but watch Sister Wives.  I owe it all to Cody's hair flipping abilities, and how all four wives swoon over it.  It's really quite entertaining, and I've grown to like most of the wives.

Can you imagine the outrage it the situation was reversed?  I did a little bit of research, and didn't find too much on the subject.  I did find some women, that were crazy enough to be looking for brother husbands.  So, here are my thoughts.

1.  Why would you want more then one husband, when one is enough of a pain in the tush?

2. Are you going to take care of each household, since you are the wife?

3. Who's baby is it?  I'm killing myself.  It's like a lollipop, the world may never know.

4.   Is rock, paper, scissors used nightly to decide where the wife will spend the night, or is it based on a Wii tournament?

5. How many man caves are needed?

Just a few questions, that I'm interested in knowing all about.  I found this video on YouTube, it is a hoot! 



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