A Magical Night at Disney On Ice

My daughter, Keira, was so excited about attending Disney on Ice Dare to Dream that she had trouble sleeping.  I was suppose to wake her up at 6 am on the morning of the event so that she could paint her nails.

We had 6 tickets courtesy of Feld Entertainment. Each child thought long and hard about which friend they would take along to make the evening magical.  Each of my two daughters chose to take their best friends.

I had planned the night before to pack the girls an assortment of crowns and wands to take with us.  Being that I do princess parties, for my face painting business, I already had quite a selection.

By the time the show actually started, my daughter Keira was besides herself with excitement.  Her wand was flying in the air as a salute to her fellow princesses.  Her eyes were wider than two marbles.  Her princess dreams were coming true.

The show, as always, was spectacular.  The costumes were my favorite part.  They were beautifully made to look just like each character.  It made me dream about trying on some of the gloriously ruffled tulle dresses, so I could feel like a princess for a few moments.  Until I would fall and brake something on the ice, because that's how I roll.

Even the older girls enjoyed themselves.  I think they admired all of the jumps and leaps, because both of them love gymnastics.

Here is a picture of the Mom Among Chaos group, and all of the kids we made wonderful memories with.
Next time Disney on Ice rolls into town make a wonderful memory with your kids.  Who doesn't want to be a Disney Princess?  I know I want to be one.




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