For The Love of Flamingos

We have been doing a little work in our yard. Matt brought in some dirt to level out our front yard and planted some grass seed.  

I love decorations for my yard. I recently was given a new butterfly to hang up and a cute little owl statue, that I call Hoot.

I fell in love with flamingos after I watched Gnomeo and Juliet. After that movie, I had an odd idea about flamingos. I assumed that they were only sold in pairs. I have no clue where or when I made this crazy assumption, but I thought something was horribly wrong when I got my order from Ebay and there was only one flamingo inside the package, instead of two.

I thought they came in twos because they were supposed to be in love. I don't know how I come up with these zany ideas.

Over time the one flamingo never had a partner and started looking rusty, so it was tossed aside in the garbage.

Yes, horrible I know. It should have had a mate.

One day I noticed my husband brought home doors that had flamingos on them.  

I blew it off. Went on about by chaotic life.

One pleasant school morning, yes it's pleasant when I walk out the door in the morning and know I'm going to get a break from the kids, I looked over to admire my growing flowers and I just about to fell over in shock.

My husband decided to make use of the flamingo doors. Now, let's make this very clear, they are not any kind of regular doors, but shower doors. He had them sitting out in the flower beds as lawn decorations, not one, but two doors.

I could not believe my super, sore eyes.  

When I got home, I asked him what was he thinking. He was totally serious about it looking great.  

What were the neighbors thinking about this? Heck, if I was them I would be in shock if I saw this. Which reminds me, I took a run this morning and I saw our neighbor spray painted all of their rocks gold and uses fake flowers. That is seriously just as bad.

Matt didn't remove the flamingo embarrassment right away.

I was desperate and tried to move them myself, but the little engine named me could not huff and puff and get them off the ground.

One happy morning, they magically disappeared. I wonder where they will reappear.           

flamingos photo: Flamingos at SeaWorld IMG_0912_zpse700e96d.jpg



  1. Anonymous5/21/2013

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    1. I tried to sign up. The form kept on resetting! I would love to be a part of the blogger opt in.

  2. I signed our blog up. Thanks!


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