Knee Brace Vs. Jock Strap

About a month ago, I injured my knee in one of my workout classes.  I don't even know when I did it, or how.  My bet is either spinning or yoga. 

I'm sure I felt something, but chose to ignore it and finish my workout because that is usually how I roll.

Weeks went by, and my knee was getting worse.  It got to the point that rolling out of bed in the morning was sheer torture.  I felt like I was 100 years old.

I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to make a doctor appointment.

I advised Matt that I wish I had something to support my knee.  He brought out of his drawer the above knee brace.  

I told him I always thought that was a jock strap.  Matt knowing my humor, just ignored me and moved on.

I ended up having a light sprain, and the fibers were torn but not all of the way through.  So the doctor ended my workouts and sent me on my way to physical therapy, until the end of July.

I decided to still go away on my girlfriends weekend that I had planned since the cold winter months.  I was telling the girls how Matt had no comment when I thought the knee brace was a jock strap.  That is why I assumed the hole was there. 

Let me set the record straight.  I grew up around girls.  I had no clue what a jock strap looked like, so I just assumed that is what it "could be".  Even though if I had thought it thru there is no way it would have worked.  How is that little thing suppose to go over a man's body?

Yes, some of the things I come up with even crack me up.  

So, mental note to self.  I have been wearing a jock strap on my knee for weeks.  Just kidding!



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