Kale, Kale, and More Kale

A few weeks ago a friend of mine introduced me to kale. She advised me that it would keep me full longer.

I recently went off my anxiety medication. As a result, I put on almost 6 pounds, within a matter of days. It had been six weeks that I had been off it, so I did a Google search and found other people having the same problem, about the same time frame.

That was not great for a girl dealing with her anxiety issues. I had one night of extreme panic because of the weight gain. I've always been able to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight. I refuse to buy bigger jeans. I eventually talked myself out of this panic. I put the scale out of sight and said to myself, we are about healthy habits.  

So, I did some research on kale to get the low down of why all of the celebrities love this food.
1.  Kale beats milk as a calcium source. I'm not a milk drinker so this is terrific for me.
2.  Kale is super high in fiber. When you poop, you lose weight. It's that simple. Also, when you go number 2 you are removing toxins from your body.
3. One cup of Kale is only 33 calories and it fills you up with all of the fiber.
4. Kale is super high in vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C.
5. It's wonderful for anti-inflammatory.

Where can you find Kale? In the grocery store produce section. I had no problem finding it at Kroger's.
What can I make with it? Lots of yummy goodness that your whole family will love. The above pictures are from when I made a smoothie. I used ice, water, Kale, banana, and blueberries. It was so good that even my 10 year old daughter drank one. I could do without it being green though. 

My other favorite is Kale chips. You tear pieces of Kale off leaving the stem. Coat in your favorite oil and sprinkle with your favorite seasonings. I use chili powder and sea salt. Simply bake at 270 for 20 minutes. You have a yummy snack to kill cravings. They do shrink a ton, so when you take them out do not worry.

I hope you will give it a try. Do something good for you and your family. Enjoy!



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