Squat On The Pot

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Anytime we're in a public restroom I'm always yelling for the world to hear, "Don't use it, if it's not clean."

Nothing grosses me out more then a dirty bathroom. Of course kids seem to have a fascination with going to public restrooms. When Faith was little I know I stopped going out to eat, because she wanted to spend the whole time in the bathroom. Gross!

I'm always the Mom yelling "Don't touch that." Especially when my kids are always touching everything in the grocery store.

Today I had Keira with me when I went to Kroger. I had to use the restroom. I decided it wasn't up to par as far as cleanliness and there weren't any toilet liners. So, I decided to use the old faithful squat method. Keira had never seen me do it and was intrigued.

I went to wash my hands and Keira was going in the toilet using my squat method. 

Then she says "Mommy how come my pants are wet?" 

I immediately start laughing so hard I thought I was going to cry. My squat method didn't work for Keira. She peed on the back of her pants because she wasn't over the toilet.

Yes, I laugh at my kids. It was hilarious. Since I was there, I wasn't driving back home to change her pants. She did not complain.

My child is a trooper.



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