Imaginary Carlos

My girls became fans of Big Time Rush a few years ago. I grew up being a huge New Kids On The Block fan. I never got to go see them live as a child, so I was determined to take my girls to concerts when they fell for their favorite singers.

We first saw BTR live two years ago. I fell in love because they actually got in the audience to high five their fans and to communicate with them.

This year we didn't end up with great seats because I was broke when the tickets went on sale. We were on the lawn and I thought their was no way they would make their way all the way back to the lawn. Yet, they did. So, they earned more Mommy points with me.
The girls are always asking who is my favorite Big Time Rush singer. I like Carlos the best since he is the funny guy. When performing he seems to be the leader. 

Keira and I were swimming in the pool one day. I must have looked sad.  

She said, "Mom, when you are sad you just need to pretend Carlos is with you."

"Keira, what are you talking about?" I asked.

"When I get sad, I just pretend that Big Time Rush is with me and then I'm no longer sad."

Keira sat and was thinking over the situation.

"Mom, you just need to carry an imaginary Carlos with you and then you will be happy."

I love kid logic, so sweet and funny.



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