Gratitude & Dreams

My co-blogger Stephanie gave me The Ultimate Gift set for my birthday.  You can purchase the book on Amazon cheap, and it's almost 5 stars.  This book was a quick, sweet little read about how one spoiled 20 something man changed his life when he had to do a series of tasks in order to receive inheritance from his uncle.

This book made me think about a few things.  It suggested making a gratitude list each and every day.  You can do it in your head, or write it down.  It must contain at least ten things you're grateful for.  When you think about what you're grateful for you can rattle a few things off the top of your head, but when it requires ten items it takes a little more thought.

I started a few weeks ago.  I made a gratitude journal and try to write in it every day.  I also suggest going back over a day that you already wrote to remind you of what you were thankful for.  Being aware will help you look for little moments in your day to treasure.

The book also talked about being a dreamer.  I guess Walt Disney on his death bed had plans for his amusement park taped to the ceiling so he could lie in bed and dream.  Without dreams our lives become boring and without passion.  I actually had a hard time with this one.  I have a few dreams but are they attainable?  That is the whole point of dreaming!!!  You don't worry about if they are attainable, just dream.

To make this process easier for myself I started a dream board on Mom Among Chaos Pinterest page. Click here to follow my dream page.  You will find that I love rustic looking homes and beaches.  I'm asking the Mom Among Chaos readers to dream a little.  Join me in making a dreams page.  I would love to be inspired by your dreams.  Once you make your page share it in the comments.  

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks.  Start making small changes to find a healthy, happier you!  I would love to hear about it.



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