How To Make Fashion Ruffle Scarfs

 photo b9bd1626-f3be-4f43-80e1-1f10ee20004e_zpscee78510.jpg
My latest project has been making these super simple ruffle fashion scarfs.  They will not keep you warm during this cold, nasty winter, but they look cute.

You will need a crochet hook and yarn with holes in it.  I recommend the sashay yarn with lots of holes because it's much easier to work with.  Also, don't go with a plastic hook because it's much harder to slide the fabric off.  
 photo d6a14947-61c0-41a8-a5fb-0aecb3fad303_zps6512015a.jpg
If you look at the yarn pictured above, you see there are only holes on the top.  This yarn is harder to work with but comes out a tighter more ruffled look.

Are you ready to start?  It's so easy, but will require some patience.  You will mess up, but just start again and keep going.  This video is how I learned.
Enjoy!  Let me know how you do!



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