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I am big into sunscreen.  I was a silly teenager and used the tanning booth.  I have had some serious skin cancer scares.  I now make a point of teaching my girls how important it is to wear sunscreen.  In fact, my youngest was having field day today and took the Coppertone ClearlySheer to school with her.  I love the little bottles that you can stick in your backpack or purse.

I have tried many different sunscreens.  Coppertone ClearlySheer is different.  It doesn't feel heavy and gooey.   It feels light with a powder finish.  In fact, it doesn't feel like sunscreen at all.  I know it works because I was in 80 degree sun all day last weekend without a burn.  I have seriously pale skin, and the SPF 30 reapplied every few hours worked great.

Coppertone ClearlySheer is great for acne-prone skin because it will not clog your pores.  It also works great for sensitive skin, so it's fine for children's skin.

Would I recommend Coppertone ClearlySheer?  Yes, if you don't like that heavy feel of sunscreen on your skin you really will like it because it dries like powder.

To learn more about Coppertone ClearlySheer visit here.
Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent and received the sunscreens and coupons to review.



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