Candy Corn Decorative Bottles

Mom Among Chaos

The Mom Among Chaos girls love doing crafts.  They don't always turn out the way we expected, but it's always fun to try.  A year after getting the idea from Pinterest, we finally got around to making these candy corn bottles.  Yep, we had a beautiful girl's day creating them.  

Here's what you will need:
  • Glass bottles. You can use any kind.  We used wine bottles, beer bottles, and milk bottles. The more different sizes and shapes you use, the cooler it looks.
  • Spray paint.  Make sure you get the kind that can be used on glass.  You will need three colors, white, orange, and yellow.  Stay away from neon orange.  I used it on these, and it was a little too bright. *Discount tip: Meijer sells white spray paint for only $1.  
  • Newspaper
  • A well-ventilated area.

First of all, make sure you clean your bottles and remove any labels.  Clear bottles work better than dark bottles because you use less white paint to coat them.  After your jars are clean and dry, head outside with your newspaper and white spray paint.  Coat all of the bottles with the white paint.  You may need multiple layers.  Don't spray so much, like I did, where the paint drips.

Once the paint is not tacky when you touch it, you can add your second color.  Apply orange to the middle of the bottle leaving the top white.  Allow to dry.

Finally, spray the bottom yellow.  I would allow everything to dry overnight.

The finished bottles

There are so many cute ways to decorate your candy corn bottles.  You can use them as a centerpiece display, to decorate your porch, as vases to hold flowers, candle holders, the list goes on and on.

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