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Mom Among Chaos
I grew up going to Cedar Point.  We went on a regular basis with our school and as a family.  I have so many fond memories with my friends there, from Junior High and High School.  Sadly, I hadn't been to Cedar Point for a good 10 years.  Life got in the way, with raising my kids and just being so busy.  So, when I saw that #bloggycon14 was going to be at Cedar Point I was really excited.

Cedar Point was so generous to me and my family.  We received three days admission tickets for the whole family and free parking.  I was totally pumped to be staying on a Cedar Point property.  We stayed at Hotel Breakers.  It was nice because when I was tired or when one of the girls were ready to go to bed it was a short walk back to our hotel room.  Also, staying at Hotel Breakers got us early entry into the park and we were able to walk right on some of the top rides.  You see, Cedar Point is cool like that.  Each day an hour before the park opens they choose a few top rides and allow you early entry.  So, if you are staying at one of the hotels you don't need a fast lane pass since you can take advantage of early entry.

I was slightly worried that my girls would get bored and not be able to ride that much.  Boy, I was wrong. As a matter of fact Cedar Point totally kicked Universal Studios butt.  I have one daughter that is 8 and the other is 11.  My youngest had a blast driving the cars, spending time at Planet Snoopy, and she fell in love with her first roller coaster.  Yes, Cedar Point will cause that.  A love for roller coasters.

Mom Among Chaos

I hate to admit this but I spent far more time enjoying my family and friends than I did at #bloggycon14.  It truly did make me realize that Cedar Point is a wonderful place for family time.  It gets you all together, talking, and making great memories.

One of my favorite questions to ask everyone is, what is their favorite ride.  So, if you have never had the chance to experience our favorites I'm going to include the YouTube videos.

This year I have a new favorite coaster.  Yes, the Raptor has been replaced by a similar, smoother, hip coaster.  It is called the Gatekeeper.  It feels like you are beautifully flying through the air. 

My husband has the same favorite as previous years.  His favorite is the Millennium Force.  I enjoy it too, but I find the Magnum to still be scarier.  Will you take a little ride with us?


My oldest daughter really impressed me with her willingness to try so many rides.  I would have been terrified at her age.  Her favorite coaster is the Gemini.  I think she rode it a half dozen times.  By her 5th ride she was in the front cart with her hands held high in the air.  Go Faith!


My little one Keira totally rocked riding her first two coasters. She fell in love with the Iron Dragon, so I stuck her on the Blue Streak and it totally flipped her out.  Her one and only coaster love is the Iron Dragon.  She loved all the twists and turns. 


So take a weekend for some family time.  Cedar Point is open weekends through November 1st.  The Halloweekends are so much fun.  I also discovered that it was less busy on Sunday.  For everything you could pretty much walk on and the weather was perfect that day.  You will have a great time.  I know we did.  Thank you so much Cedar Point!  You have been in my heart for so many years.

Tell Mom Among Chaos your favorite ride or a Cedar Point memory.  We would love to hear about it!

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