Fall Wreaths

We had the idea to make our own Fall and Halloween wreaths. They are easy to make and so cute. Are you ready to get your crafting on?

Supplies needed: Wreath frame, ribbon, scissors
Optional: Flower or extra embellishment

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Crystal's Halloween Wreath
My goal was to make my wreath look full.  All I did was cut strips of ribbon and tie it to an 18 inch wire wreath frame.  I used thick mesh ribbon.  It was not easy to tie, but I liked the look.  I didn't measure the ribbon, so my wreath has varying sizes throughout.  I wanted it full, so I'm guessing I used about 70 feet of various ribbon. This Halloween wreath cost me under $20 to make.  These retail at stores for $40 or more.

craft, fall, halloween, home, decorations, wreath
Stephanie's Fall Ribbon Wreath
Halloween, wreath, diy, craft, fall, home, decoration
Half way done tying the ribbons
For this wreath I used a 12 inch wire frame. I tried to cut all the ribbon to 5 in. length. It makes them easier to tie. I used black tulle & patterned wire edged ribbons. I bought most of it from Dollar Tree. I used about 10 spools of 2 in. x 9 foot ribbon. I added a clip on flower from Dollar General. The total cost is about $15.

craft, fall, halloween, home, decorations, wreath
Stephanie's Simple Fall Wreath
For an even easier wreath option you can use a wooden or grapevine wreath base & wrap ribbon tightly around in a spiral. Tie the ribbon together. Then I added a clip on flower to cover up where I tied it. You can find a grapevine on Amazon for $7.99. Go here to order one: 15.5-Inch Grapevine WreathYour total cost is about $10.

craft, fall, halloween, home, decorations, wreath
Katelyn's Halloween Wreath
This final wreath is one my daughter, Katelyn, made at a girl scout meeting. She used strips of plastic material, like dollar store tablecloths. She tied them on to a wire hanger shaped into a circle. I added a wooden sign from the dollar store. So the total cost for this wreath is only $3!




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