Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier Review

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Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier
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I was given the opportunity to review the Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier.  First, let me state that I live in a crazy household.  I have two kids, two dogs, and a husband.  They are messy, dirty, and sometimes plain gross.  We have cooties coming in from school.  I have a dog that likes to roll in who knows what outside, bringing in lots of things I'm allergic to.  I have been dependent on my allergy medication since this past spring, which is unusual for me.  I was excited to see just what this little compact air purifier could do for me and my family.

Many years ago I had a air purifier.  It was large and very noisy.  The first thing I noticed was that this one is small, quiet, and quite cute.  It looked nothing like the monster air purifier we use to have.

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The Filters
The only installation for the Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier is taking the front panel off to remove the plastic from all of the filters.  This is the very impressive part.  Well, it totally impressed me anyway.  This purifier has not one, but 5 layers of protection.  It has a PRE-CARBON filter, HEPA, VOC, Ti02 MESH, and a UV.   I could not believe something so little can provide so much protection.

What does this air purifier protect against, you might ask?  This little masterpiece protects against dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals.  So, if you think about it the Luma Comfort AP400W can save you money in the long run.  I know it will save me money.  My kids will be sick less, so that will save me money on doctors visits and prescriptions.  Also, I will be in such a good mood with less dust in the house and hopefully cutting back or getting rid of my allergy medication.

I hadn't even mentioned the air purifier to my 8 year old daughter when she came down stairs and noticed a change in the air quality of our great room.  I noticed it also. It's like the air has a crisp, clean quality to it. 
Luma Air purifier, clean air
The Controls
The controls on the Luma Comfort AP400W are so easy to use.  You barely have to touch them to get it going.  The button on the right is to turn the unit on.  From there the choices are up to you.  The fan is the second button from right. It allows you to select the speed of the fan.  The middle clock button is a timer.  You can set the timer from 1-7 hours of air purification.  After the set time the unit shuts itself off.  The second button on the left is for the filters.  It lets you know when they need to be replaced.  The first button on the left is for the UV.   When you turn it on, the light is used to kill viruses and mold, along with bacteria.  I love that button!

Would I recommend the Luma Comfort air purifier?  Yes! It's super easy to use, high quality, and efficient.  I love that it's killing bacteria and making my home so much healthier.  The only thing I didn't like was the color.  In a household with kids and dogs, things get dirty quickly.  I probably would have picked black because it doesn't show as much dirt, but I guess that's it's job.

Where can you learn more about this product?  You can visit their website by clicking here or on Facebook.



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