The Movement of Jean Haters

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It began three years ago when my oldest decided she didn't like "the feel of jeans". So, she officially became a pain in the butt in the clothing department. Recently, my 8 year old joined the movement of jean haters. She now only wears pants that feel like yoga pants. Did yoga pants cause this generation to be jean haters? 

I love my yoga pants, don't get me wrong, but I'm not going to go out to dinner wearing them. I put on a pair of jeans. I don't feel appropriately dressed to take on the world in pants that feel like my pajamas. Yoga pants were meant for those days where you just don't feel like getting dressed. So, is this new movement of jean haters going to show up to school wearing their pajamas? Oh yes, once addicted to the feel it only goes down hill. Soon everyone will be wearing pajamas out to dinner. Yes, I understand this already happens, but I'm a firm believer in getting dressed before I leave the house. You will not catch me at school wearing my pajamas at drop off. If you do then ask me what is wrong, because something has gone awry.

Now, I'm thinking about the point in fashion history where women stopped wearing a skirt on a daily basis. I tried to Google it and find out when it happened. I got a general consensus that it was sometime during the '70s. I can't even imagine having to wear a dress every day. Maybe, that's how my kids feel about jeans. I might just not be hip to this new trend.

More and more schools are banning yoga pants. I know my co-blogger's daughter isn't allowed to wear yoga pants to school. I'm hoping the ban in many school districts starts changing things a little bit. I'm tired of seeing kids that look like they just rolled out of bed.

For now, I allow it. It's not worth the screaming and crying in the morning. Getting the kids out the door in the morning is enough stress without having to micromanage what they wear. But I still will be the one demanding them to change out of the slob clothes before we go somewhere nice for dinner.

Does your child love yoga pants? Do you think the era of jeans will end?



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