Greenwald's Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner Review

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I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own. This blog post contains affiliate links. 
My husband claims that I'm the "worst window washer ever". I try, I really do, but most of the time I end up making a big streaky mess. It will look clean while I'm cleaning it and then an hour later I will notice all of the streaks that I created. So, I thought I would give Greenwald's Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner a try. What did I have to lose when I already had the title of "worst window washer ever"?
Greenwald's Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner Is Beneficial In 4 Categories Because:
1. It's more powerful than traditional glass and hard surface cleaners removing even the toughest water spots and dirt. It doesn't leave behind any haze or film leaving your glass shiny and crisp. It's trusted by professional window washers and auto detailers.
2. It's less expensive, typically 30-70% in comparison with top brands.
3. It stores easily. Since the packets (6 are included) fit in the palm of you hand you can store gallons of our cleaner in a small kitchen drawer. Each packet makes a 32oz bottle, so you receive 192 oz of cleaner total.
4. It's environmentally friendly from the standpoint that you recycle your spray bottle over and over again so no more filling up the local landfill with more plastic.

Easy Instructions For Use:
1. Drop one packet into a 32-ounce spray bottle. Do not cut the packet, it completely dissolves.
2. Fill with warm water.
3. Let sit for 60 seconds.
4. Gently shake.
5. It's cleaning attack time.

Did Greenwald's Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner improve my window washing skills? Yes, my streaks and water stains disappeared. So, stock up now and mix up your very own Greenwald's Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner. I plan on sticking a few bottles of this little gem around my home.



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