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I received this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own. This blog post contains affiliate links. 
A little over a year ago, I signed up to receive a daily inspirational email called "Brave Girl Boots". I was going through a rough season, one where I had to end a friendship of 10 years because I was being drained. I knew the time was coming that I would have to put on my brave girl boots. I also knew what was going to be the consequences that would result from the decision I made. I knew people would choose sides, even though I tried my best to remain neutral and zip the lips. I knew that games, manipulation, and many other ugly things were headed my way. But, I also knew above all that this was God's plan for me. Here is what I prayed daily about through one very rough season in my life:

1. Pray daily for God to plant a seed of vision for your life.
2. Pray daily for the Holy Spirit to make you sensitive to see a need you can fill today.
3. Pray daily for the bravery to act upon that need.

After praying the above daily, I found myself a little bit braver and helping random strangers even if it was as simple as holding a door open at the grocery store.
I was excited when I was invited to review this book of wonderful stories of bravery. Brave Girl Boots: A Forty-Day Journey to Brave is written by Tami Walker. Let me stop and add a little disclaimer, this book was written by a member of my church. So, some of the stories are about women I go to church with. I would just like to add that I'm proud of this because our church has changed my life.
Brave Girl Boots is meant to be sipped like a fine wine. I recommend making it a daily part of your spiritual journey for the next forty-days. This is the second time I read this book since I was sent the emails. But, do not let that discourage you. I took away something completely different a year later because I'm in a different season of my life. A season of huge change for my entire family. At the end of each story, there is room to answer a question, and reflect on your own life about what you have read. I would grab a notebook to keep notes because, like I mentioned, you will view this book differently with each season of life you're venturing into.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I review lots of books and let me tell you, this book has one of the best covers that I've ever seen. So, grab yourself a copy and grab another for someone that needs to put on her Brave Girl Boots!



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