Stitch Fix #9

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This blog post contains affiliate links so I can continue my Stitch Fix love.

Stitch Fix #9 should be called the best box ever. I wanted to make it clear to my stylist that I'm a trendy 40-year-old. This month I received a new stylist named, Rachel. Boy, did she made me feel trendy and pretty. Thank you, Rachel!

What is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a styling service. When you request a box the stylist will look at the Pinterest board that you set up in order to find out your personal style. The stylist picks out 5 pieces to send you. The 5 pieces are to update your wardrobe and get you to step out of your "normal" box. The cool part is you can try on the clothing in the comfort of your own home and keep it up to three days. If you end up purchasing nothing, you pay a $20 styling credit. If you purchase any of the items the $20 styling credit is applied to your purchase. If you purchase the entire box you receive a 25% discount. The best deal is when you keep the entire box.
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Tart Collins Leather and Faux Suede Jacket
I nearly had a party when I saw this jacket. I was deeply head over heels in love. It looked great on. Two little clothes swipers named Faith & Keira both had it on and tried to take it from me. I kept this jacket. When I tire of it, it will go to my daughters.
Zad Adrianna Circle Bib Necklace
I had received this necklace before and sent it back. So, I was bummed to see it again. But, I loved how great the silver and gold looked with the black. So, I kept it.
Papermoon Sabrina Yoke Detail Blouse
I did not own a dressy shirt to wear under a suit jacket. This shirt was a tad big around the arms on me. The lace and the detail on the back of the shirt are really beautiful. I kept it to update my wardrobe.
Kut From the Kloth Jonathan Skinny Corduroy
As soon as my eyes hit the color of these cords I fell instantly in love. I loved the look of this whole outfit. The only thing about these pants is they were long on me. I could have really used a petite pair. I plan on wearing these with boots so the extra length doesn't show. I kept these.
Staccato Aleia Mixed Material Pullover Sweater
I had asked my stylist for something plaid for my family pictures. I was hoping for a scarf but received this instead. The fabric was itchy and it felt like a pregnancy shirt. I kept this shirt in order to receive my discount, but I ended up trading it with another Stitch Fix fan for two shirts.

I was super happy with this box. I fell in love with the outfit and I plan on wearing it for my family pictures. I can't wait to receive my November box!

Have you ordered a Stitch Fix box?  What is your favorite item that I received? Click on any of my links to order your own box. You can read about all of my previous fixes below.

Also, make sure you join my Clothing Deals group where I bring your Stitch Fix brands every day at 40% off or more.

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