Making Sure All Kids Have School Supplies

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This item was given to me to donate. All opinions are my own. #GivingBackPacks

It's a sad fact that some kids start the school year with no school supplies, due to poverty. You may find that people live in poverty in your own neighborhood. Sometimes you never even know that a family is struggling. CLASSROOM direct has a big heart and sent a backpack loaded with back to school supplies for me to donate.
I made the decision to send the back to school supplies to my sponsor child in Guatemala. The little girl I'm sending them to is starting Kindergarten this year and could use all of these fabulous goodies. She will not receive her goodies until Christmas time. I feel the supplies will be a good gift, because little girls love drawing. The town she lives in is destitute. On a happy note, in September her family will be receiving their first home that is not a hut. Yay!

CLASSROOM direct has a rocking deals page where you can find the latest price drops to save you and your family money. I just found the markers my daughter wanted for $5 off the original price! I adore saving money!

If you're a teacher or homeschool your child, you will find a fantastic ideas & resources area on CLASSROOM direct. This section is an excellent way to get inspired with free downloads and lesson plans, a great way to start off the school year.

So head on over to CLASSROOM direct for all of your back to school needs! CLASSROOM direct touched me by doing something kind for so many needy children.

Are you ready for back to school?



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