Stitch Fix #15

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This post contains affiliate links so I can continue my love affair with Stitch Fix. 
I'm always looking for new pieces to add to and update my wardrobe (yes, it's an obsession). For my 15th Stitch Fix, I was styled by Katelyn. I had asked her for clothing to wear to celebrate my 15th anniversary at a Bed & Breakfast. Wow, 15th anniversary and 15th Stitch Fix. Was this Stitch Fix meant to be?

What is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a styling service. When you request a box, the stylist will look at your Pinterest board, that you will set up, to find out your personal style. The stylist picks out five pieces to send you. The five pieces are to update your wardrobe and get you to step out of your "regular" style box. The cool part is you can try on the clothing in the comfort of your home and keep them for up to three days. If you end up purchasing nothing, you only pay a $20 styling credit. If you buy any of the items, the $20 styling credit is applied to your purchase. If you buy the entire box, you receive a 25% discount. The best deal is when you keep the whole box.

Brixon Ivy Jarred Cap-Sleeve Blouse 
Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse - I'm pretty sure I've had this shirt on my Pinterest board for awhile. I loved the back of this shirt. I felt the front was a little boring. Also, the top lace was a tad itchy so I sent it back.
Pixley Tarcil Mesh Detail Blouse & Gilli Maira Printed Faux Wrap Maxi Skirt
Pixley Tarcil Mesh Detail Blouse - I loved the back of this tank top, but I hated the fit. It made everything look saggy and droopy. I sent it back.
Gilli Maira Printed Faux Wrap Maxi Skirt - I couldn't wait to try on this skirt. It looked utterly sexy at first, but I hated it. Stitch Fix sent a size small, but it fit like an extra small and my love handles were bulging out of the skirt. This skirt didn't fit like most Gilli clothing. It was also a satin skirt. I sent this one back.
THML Jameson Maxi Dress
THML Jameson Maxi Dress- I fell in love with this dress. The pictures don't do the dress justice. I felt a little bit boho. I had to go shopping for a bra that would work with this dress. Please excuse the bad hair day in the pictures. I LOVE this dress, so I kept it.
Street Level Klaine Roll-Over Clutch
Street Level Klaine Roll-Over Clutch- This little clutch was cute and I liked how it rolled open and included a strap. But I have a hot green one that I bought last year that I hardly ever use. So, this cutie went back.

I now have a facebook group where you can find discounted Stitch Fix brands. Check it out!

Stitch Fix #15 wasn't a complete bust because I did add one piece to my wardrobe. Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What piece that I received do you like?

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