Fall Favorites

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I'm going to say this, and it's not something that I usually say, I'm so glad it's fall. Metro Detroit has had a steamy summer. A summer where I haven't wanted to go outside and work in my garden or yard (well that and soon as I touch anything outside I start itching). Fall brings cool, crisp temperatures and colorful leaves. So, I decided to share with you, my fall favorites. No, this list will not include pumpkin spiced anything. Yes, I know I'm like the only Michigan gal that doesn't like pumpkin spice, lol.

The trees are like beautiful gems in Metro Detroit during the fall. Every year the leaves are so different in color which is a beautiful sight. I've heard different stories about how the weather affects the leaf colors. The leaves eventually fall to the ground. Who doesn't love jumping in a crunchy pile of leaves? My point, everything alive must shed and renew. Fall is a perfect time for reflection. Take a journal and make a list of things that you need to drop. Consider discarding things that make you unhappy. It could be a job, friendship, or something sucking your time.

I love checking out cider mills. I love the taste of hot cider and warm donuts. I put together a list of the best cider mills in Metro Detroit on my family blog. Check it out.

Fall brings warmer clothing and boots. I love wearing boots. I love pairing a cotton shirt and cardigan with a pair of skinny jeans and tall boots. Take a peek at some fabulous boot styles from Amazon. They have fantastic prices.

Another favorite is decorating for fall. I adore Halloween decorations. I'm planning on making our new home extra spooky. I have tons of Halloween decorations. I might even start decorating today. My husband made a shooter that shoots out Halloween candy. Our new neighbors are going to love us, lol.

I also love coming up with new fall crafts. Stephanie and I made these cute DIY candy corn bottles a few years ago. Also, check out our fall wreaths

What are your fall favorites?



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