Stitch Fix #16

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This blog post contains affiliate links so I can continue my love for Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix #16 was my birthday fix. Of course, I had to have a box sent for my 41st birthday. I will never tire of new clothing. My stylist this month was Bailey. Was it a keeper? Keep on reading to find out what I thought.

What is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a styling service. When you request a box, the stylist will look at your Pinterest board, that you will set up, to find out your personal style. The stylist picks out five pieces to send you. The five pieces are to update your wardrobe and get you to step out of your "regular" style box. The cool part is you can try on the clothing in the comfort of your home and keep them for up to three days. If you end up purchasing nothing, you only pay a $20 styling credit. If you buy any of the items, the $20 styling credit is applied to your purchase. If you buy the entire box, you receive a 25% discount. The best deal is when you keep the whole box.

Skies are Blue Benko Scallop Hem Blouse
I was interested in trying on this top because I liked the color. This top before the discount was $54. I didn't love it enough to pay that much, so I sent it back.

Just Black Arabella Pocket Skinny Jean
When I saw that these were coming, I was excited. I love Just Black, but I also remembered that this is a brand where you need to go up a size. As you can see, I could barely breathe in these jeans because they were so tight. I had to put my size four jeans on afterward to make me feel better that these size 6 Just Black jeans ran way too small. At $88, I was not interested in ordering a larger size. They were sent back.
Gilli Orson Knit Dress
My favorite Stitch Fix brand for dresses is Gilli. The material is super soft and the dresses hug curves nicely. I felt I needed my Spanx on with this dress to suck everything in, but I didn't feel like digging through my drawers. My husband LOVED this dress. I sure didn't need another dress, but I'm a sucker for dresses. I ended up keeping this one.

Dolce Vita Jones Bootie
I loved the pop of color from these booties. I also found out that I'm a big fan of Dolce Vita shoes due to a previous purchase. These shoes cost $130. I think that's a ridiculous price. The shoes didn't even look in perfect condition. So, being the frugal girl that I am, I found the same type of boot on Amazon for $23. Also, they're almost five stars. I returned this pair!
Market & Spruce Nina Asymmetrical Sweater Tunic
I'm super picky about materials. I have allergies and certain fabrics cause rashes. This sweater didn't have any materials I was allergic to, but it still felt itchy so I sent it back.

I was bummed with this Stitch Fix because my price point is supposed to be cheaper, which means my fix is usually right around $200. This one with the discount was closer to $300. I sometimes feel that I'm not listened to nor does Stitch Fix check my Pinterest board. I think I will be taking a break for awhile and visiting Golden Tote.

Please feel free to join my clothing deals group where I post Stitch Fix brands at reasonable prices. Because I feel stylish clothing should be affordable.

Which item did you like best?



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