4 Practical Tips To Select The Perfect Paint Color For Your House

Do you want to give your home a fresh new look without spending a lot of money? One of the best ways to do so is by re-painting your wall with a new color. Aside from giving it an excellent facelift, changing your wall colors can also give your home a renewed sense of energy.

In choosing the paint color, there are few important things that you should consider. Aside from making sure that it will complement your home’s overall interior design, here are few other tips that you must remember.

Use the right color for each and every area of your home.

Colors can affect emotional responses. So it’s a wise idea to paint your living room with bold, bright colors to encourage lively conversation. You can use light and neutral tones in your bedroom to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. If you wanted to give your kitchen or bathroom an elegant look and feel, use deep and rich hues.

Consider your home accessories and furniture.

Make sure that the color you will choose can complement your existing furniture and home accessories. Think about how they will look once the new color is applied on your wall. Will they stand out? Will they blend in?

Test the paint color first to see how it will look on your wall.

If you can’t fully decide on what color to use, trim down your choices to 3 or less. Then, you can test and experiment with these colors in a small area of your home. See how they will look at your wall and from there, pretty sure you’ll be able to decide what to choose and use.

Experiment with different paint finishes.

Aside from the paint color, the finish of the paint can also affect the general mood inside your home. According to studies, high-gloss paints tend to make people more hyperactive while matte finish creates a calming atmosphere. But this is NOT always the case. This is why it’s pretty important to try and test the paint color with different finishes as well.

Choosing the right paint color is important not only because of its direct effect on the design of your house but also because of its effect on human's emotional response. So before you buy and commit to a paint color, make sure that you are picking the right one by following the above-given tips and advice.

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