5 Fantastic Tips to Beat Winter Blues

Tips to beat winter blues
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I live in Michigan which is one of the grayest and depressing states during the winter. During the cold weather months, it's not every day that we are blessed with the sun. So, I put together 5 fantastic tips to beat winter blues. Hopefully, this will help you survive those bitter cold months!

Tips to Beat Winter Blues

Vitamin D3 is known as the sunshine vitamin. Living in Michigan during the winter months you definitely will need your vitamin D3. These vita fusion are my favorite brand because they're like having a daily treat. When you lack the sunshine, depression can set in. Make sure to pick up your D3 here if you're not already taking it! (Always consult your Doctor first!)

Unfortunately, this girl suffers from seasonal depression. A few years ago I purchased a happy light to help combat the lack of sun. This Verilux Happy Light is small and portable. All you need is to flip the light on 30-60 minutes per day. The earlier, the better! I can't find my old one, so I'm going to order myself this one. A happy lamp is essential to combat winter blues. Pick yours up here.

Exercise is a great way to feel better and an excellent way to beat winter blues. I've been slacking, and I have been unmotivated to go outside to get to the gym. So, I've been hitting the mat at home. YouTube has some wonderful full-length exercise videos. Right now, I'm doing a thirty-day yoga challenge. Pick up a set of weights and get moving!

Bunches of people simply hate winter because they don't like getting cold. My hand is raised high on this one. So, I searched high and low for the warmest coats. This Marc New York jacket fit the bill of keeping you warm. It also helps to keep your hands and head covered! You can pick up this toasty jacket here.

Finally, another tip to beat winter blues is to plan. I recently booked a cruise and planned a few excursions that were on my bucket list. This made me feel better and gave me something to look forward to. Also, planning my spring garden during the cold months helps.

What helps you beat the winter blues?



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