Downtown Royal Oak Hot Spot: The Morrie

Downtown Royal Oak Hot spot, Morrie, Food, reviews
I received a meal to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

I love eating out. Trying new foods and taking in the sights, smells, and sounds are totally exciting to me. I could not wait to check out the downtown Royal Oak hotspot The Morrie. Royal Oak is full of trendy restaurants, so I wanted to find out why The Morrie was the newest hotspot in Royal Oak.

Downtown Royal Oak Hot Spot: The Morrie

The first thing I noticed was The Morrie was all about the music. I worked at Blockbuster Music for five years while I was attending college and those were some memorable days for me. So, music always takes me away to a special place where I can relive memories for a little bit.
Downtown Royal Oak Hot spot, Morrie, Food, reviews
I joined a bunch of local bloggers for our feast at The Morrie. The waitress recommended trying The Train in Vain B-Side. I went back and forth because she also had recommended a coconut drink, but I was not really in the mood for a warm drink. This cocktail reminded me of a pear martini. If you're a pear fan, this is perfect for you. 
Downtown Royal Oak Hot spot, Morrie, Food, reviews

Are you drooling yet? The next round was appetizers. I'm going to be completely honest that I was busy chit-chatting and studying the fresh decor that I missed trying the one big ole' meatball. Either that or the girls had devoured it before I had a chance. I guess that means I need to go back. Right?

I did manage to nab some kung pao cauliflower and let me tell you it was fantastic. I'm not a cauliflower fan, but I promise you I could have devoured the whole appetizer. So good!!!!

Downtown Royal Oak Hot spot, Morrie, Food, reviews

While we were enjoying our food, a live band started to perform. If you enjoy music check out The Morrie live music schedule. They even have a house band!
Downtown Royal Oak Hot spot, Morrie, Food, reviews
Finally, the main course. I learned that The Morrie makes its own bread. I love fresh bread, so this really impressed me! I selected the B.E.A.L.T with sweet potato tots for my dinner. I love BLT's and pork so I thought I would give this combination a try. The sandwich is made of pork belly, bacon, fried egg, arugula, tomato, avocado, basil mayo and sourdough bread.

Honestly, the sandwich was great, but for some reason, I didn't feel like the egg worked flavor wise. I thought it was a little overpowering on the sandwich. The sweet potato tots were outstanding and cooked perfectly.

I had a minor family emergency and had to leave before my favorite course, dessert. I did enjoy checking out all of the delectable treats on Instagram. This girl was jealous!

Would I recommend The Morrie? Why yes! I would love to visit again and take my husband. Also, I need to go back for dessert!

The Morrie, located at 511 Main St., Royal Oak, Michigan. You can visit to learn more!

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