Bruegger's Bagels Grand Re-Opening in Bloomfield Hills

Bruegger's Bagels, Bruegger's Bagels Grand Re-Opening, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Mom Among Chaos received a free meal for her family to facilitate this blog post. All opinions are 100% my own. This blog contains affiliate links.

This afternoon my family and I headed to Bruegger's Bagels in the beautiful Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for the grand re-opening of the store. Not only did this location get a makeover it received a bunch of new delectable dishes and treats!

Bruegger's Bagels Grand Re-Opening

Bruegger's Bagels, Bruegger's Bagels Grand Re-Opening, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
While we were waiting in line to order we were warmly greeted with the above coffee cake. It was made perfectly. It was so fresh that it melted in my mouth. Oh, this would be a perfect breakfast with one of many coffee choices that Bruegger's Bagels offer!

Bruegger's Bagels, Bruegger's Bagels Grand Re-Opening, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

I bet you thought that Bruegger's was just bagels. Well, they have you fooled. My husband, daughter, and I tried some of the lunch sandwiches. The one above is the tomato and cheese.

My daughter and I both loved this sandwich. The cheese was fabulous with the tomato, but the real winner was the bread. Bruegger's sandwiches have been perfectly paired with the bread and bagels.

Bruegger's Bagels, Bruegger's Bagels Grand Re-Opening, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

My husband and I have been big Bruegger's Bagels fans for years. When we visit the store, Matt, always orders the same thing, bagels. There was no adventure, until today!

Matt tried the Herby Turkey and fell in love! We even got him to admit that he would come back just for this sandwich! He was hooked!

The lady at the store totally had Matt in adventure mode. Next, she got him to try the Turkey Chipotle Club. How she managed such a fantastic feat I will never know.

My husband does not like to try new foods! While I love trying everything.

Matt liked the Turkey Chipotle Club, but it was a little too fun for him. I LOVED it. It's a taste explosion of different flavors!

The new Bruegger's Bagels is gorgeous, and the food as always is fantastic. Don't forget Bruegger's is a great lunch option. The have great drinks, sandwiches, soups and salad. So, head on over today and read below. Tomorrow, you could win a year of free coffee & bagels!!!!

Fifth location to unveil new look and guest experience in Michigan

DALLAS (April 20, 2017) – Bruegger’s Bagels, known for its authentic New York-style bagels and signature egg sandwiches, celebrates the grand re-opening of its Bloomfield Hills location on Monday, April 24.

The new bakery boasts a fresh look with updated decor, menu boards, lighting, seating and new menu additions including new seasonal breakfast and lunch sandwiches, A new line-up of Rainforest Alliance certiļ¬ed daily coffee brews and espresso beverages, seasonal single-origin pour-over coffees and organic 20-hour cold brew coffee.  New York-style coffeecake, cheesecake brownies, peanut butter bars, Lemon Poppy and Blueberry Greek Yogurt muffins. 

To celebrate, the first 50 people in line at 5:30 am will get free bagels and coffee for a YEAR and the next 50 people in line will receive FREE breakfast.  In addition to the giveaway, attendees can register to win the 2017 Bottomless Mug for FREE!

“The popular Bloomfield Hills location is the fifth bakery in the Detroit area to undergo renovations designed to enhance the guest experience, with all bakeries in the market scheduled to have remodels completed by the end of May 2017” said Bruegger’s Bagels Chief Marketing Officer Judy Kadylak. “After a brief closure, we look forward to serving our guests again in the remodeled bakery featuring an updated look and expanded menu offerings.”

On opening day, Bruegger’s Bagels will celebrate the grand re-opening with a free bagel with cream cheese, espresso beverage or dessert for all attendees. To join the Bloomfield Hills Bruegger’s Bagels e-club and redeem the offer, visit



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