Ten Reasons Why Mom is Stressed

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If you're a mom chances are you are stressed. So, since Mother's Day is around the corner I wanted you to know that you're not alone I get it. Maybe I can even get you to giggle, so here are ten reasons why mom is stressed.

Ten Reasons Why Mom is Stressed

Ten reasons why mom is stressed, kids, parenting, parenting help, parenting advice, mom humor, humor, parenting humor

1. Your child claims she has a "big" project due on Monday morning and she simply forgot. It's Sunday night at 7 PM, and she needs a bunch of items forcing you out of your pajamas and into the car. Or, you could be the mom that I am sometimes and say oh well!

2. You're missing a dozen bowls and silverware. How could they possibly be disappearing? Yep, of course, they're hidden in the kid's bedroom. I'm sure our crickets that have escaped love our house. I once saw one run past me, and he was living the high life. I was slightly jealous.

3.  Your child volunteers you or you might volunteer yourself for EVERYTHING. You can't let Suzy Q one up you. Nope! You own that popcorn machine! 

4. As soon as your kids walk in the door from school, it looks like you've never cleaned one day in your entire life!

5. Mom is a short order cook because her sweetheart claims she is starving to death but simply cannot eat that even though she ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner last week.

6. Last week your child was being bullied. You stayed up emailing the kids parents, teachers, and the President of the United States. This week you son wants to know if the same child can come over to play.

7. "Mom, I can't shower today my hair looks too good." Well, I take it that you rather be smelly. Does anyone else have kids that just don't want to take a bath?

8. This is my absolute favorite. When your child has an audience and loves to tell people that you never buy them food or better yet that you enjoy your cocktails. (Yes, we deserve cocktails every now and then.)

9. You are also a mom to furbabies. Sometimes you wonder if they're more work than your children. Especially when they rub their poopy butts on your couch that cost more than your first car!

10. Mom is a juggler of all things. She is a magician, doctor, therapist, teacher, cook, driver, and finder of lost objects just to name a few. All of her heart and soul is poured into her kids and family. No wonder mom is stressed.

Happy Mother's Day! Even if you don't have kids your still a mom. There are so many beautiful doggy moms and women that have loved my children. You're mother's as well. Mother's Day is celebrating love for others!



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