10 Important Lake Safety Tips

Lake Safety Tips, Water Safety, Aqua-Tots, water, kids, lakes
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We have a boat and a pool. My children and husband are much more comfortable in the water than I am. That makes me happy because I've educated them well. I had my girls in swim lessons before they could even walk. 

Lake Safety Tips, Water Safety, Aqua-Tots, water, kids, lakes

As Michigander's most of us can't wait until the summer months roll around. We're drawn to the beautiful lakes, rivers, and outdoor waterparks. We count the months until we can spend time in the water. So, I wanted to bring you lake safety tips. These tips are oh so important to go over with the whole family!

Lake Safety Tips

1. Make sure you're wearing a coast guard approved personal flotation device. Did you know that 80% of people that drown weren't wearing a life jacket? Those statistics are mind boggling. I even make my chihuahua Sophie wear one on our boat!

2. When you're boating or the kids are playing ALWAYS assign a water watcher. Never let your eyes leave a child in the water. I usually have two people watching when my kids are tubing. 

3. Never drink alcohol while partaking in water activities. It's just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Also, you could lose your drivers license.

4. It's a good idea for someone in your group to know CPR. It takes just one class and a few hours to get certified.

5. Only swim in areas that are designated for swimming. 

6. Make sure you reapply your sunscreen every two hours to prevent burns.

7. Avoid drinking the water if at all possible. The water contains lots of bacteria that could make your family sick.

8. Never ever swim by yourself!

9. Always get out of the water if you start becoming tired. Don't push yourself. It could potentially lead to drowning.

10. Drowning doesn't look what you might expect. Check out my article on drowning!

The best way to stay safe in the water is through education. Make sure to sign your kids up for Aqua-Tots at one of the Metro Detroit locations listed below!

Aqua-Tots Canton 

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Aqua-Tots Sterling Heights 
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Aqua-Tots Auburn Hills (July 2017)
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Aqua-Tots Farmington Hills 
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