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I can't believe that summer is flying by! We've been on probably 10 mini-vacations. I want to thank Guardian Alarm home safety for watching my home when I'm away for the week, weekend, or just to run to the grocery store.

I have furry friends in my household. I set my alarm differently depending on if my pets are home or not. But, did you know that Guardian Alarm also has monitoring for smoke/fire and carbon monoxide? With that, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief that even if you aren't personally home your pets will be taken care of in case of smoke/fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Guardian Alarm Home Safety 

According to the CDC, the number of deaths from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning between the years 2010-2015 was 2,244 needless deaths! Most of those deaths occurred during the winter months when it was cold! These saddening figures could have been prevented if they had Guardian Alarm installed in their home.

Those are some scary statistics!

My mind automatically goes to the This is Us scene where the husband passes away from complications from the fire. My heart broke in a million pieces with all fellow fans. It just makes you question are you doing everything for your family to keep them safe? 

We've have had our monitored home alarm service through Guardian Alarm for about a month and a half now! I adore the keyless entry into the house! I also know how well the service works because I've punched in the wrong code and ended up with the cops at my house! Okay, totally funny, but not funny. Guardian Alarm is SERIOUS about your safety and protection!

To learn more about Guardian Alarm make sure you check out my last post about the installation here! Also, what are you waiting for? Visit Guardian Alarm today to protect your family!



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