How We Rock St. Patrick's Day & Giveaway

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Over the last few years, St. Patrick's Day has become more special to me. It used to be about having fun, but it's a little bit more now. Let's just say I had a few significant events that happened in my life that I'm going to share with you. 

How We Rock St. Patrick's Day & Giveaway

Close to four years ago we gave up our family home to move to help take care of a family member. We lived there for eight months. We were promised we could make it our house but that all changed once we moved in. My kids were mistreated by the person we were taking care of, and we needed to find a home quickly. 

I felt imprisoned. We weren't allowed to use the kitchen or unpack or laugh or mainly live. I would leave hours early to pick up the girls from school so I could escape. Three months in I knew we couldn't stay. I felt like we're suffocating as a family.

It took us five months to find a home which doesn't seem like long, but when you feel like you can't make it another day in the situation you are in, it felt like an eternity.

The first house I fell in love with which was only a few years old the owners were upside down, and it went to a short sale which wasn't approved. We then found another home we liked, but the owner wanted us to wait until their new house was built. 

The market was FIERCE. Matt fell in love with the house that's now ours. With my offer which had to go above the asking price because there were four other offers on it. We were selected based on the letter I had written. I told her that her home would be the perfect place to raise my children. 

We received our keys on St. Patrick's Day three years ago. We received our lives back from a terrible situation that we placed ourselves in.

We could laugh again. We could dance and be ourselves again. We could celebrate the holidays again. 

The lesson for me was we should be thankful for everything. Not being able to use my kitchen taught me a big lesson. 

We are happy and content again. Our lives have changed, and even though I occasionally miss my old house, I would never go back. God has taken care of us.

St. Patrick's day means a lot to me because I recently took a DNA test. I always thought I was Cherokee Indian and Irish. Well, it turned out I'm 80% British and 20% Irish. So, my blood runs green.

My family is going to rock St. Patrick's Day this year! We will be going out to dinner and celebrating our Irish heritage (well my husband can pretend).

Here are some other great ways to enjoy St. Patrick's Day.

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