Wednesday, March 21, 2018

7 Tips That Can Prevent Home Invasion And Burglary

7 Tips That Can Prevent Home Invasion And Burglary

Theft and burglary are so rampant nowadays. This is why homeowners must make sure that their home is always secured and safe. 

Much has been said about installing CCTV and security alarm systems. Yes, they can deter or stop possible burglary and home invasion. But if you live in a neighborhood where theft is on its highest trend, you might want to take your home security one notch ahead.

Here are few security tips and tricks that can help safeguard your home against outside threats. 

Check your home with the eyes of a burglar.

Walk around your house from the outside and scout for a possible entryway. Look for weaknesses such as dark and blind corners. Check your windows and see if you can easily spot expensive and valuable items. If yes, you might want to rearrange your interior or install blinds and curtains. You can also contact your local police department and ask them for a quick home security assessment.

Build a fence

If you live in a busy neighborhood, you might want to build a fence. A fence can keep unwanted visitors off your property. Some homeowners who live in high crime rate neighborhoods build a concrete wall with sharply pointed metals on top of it.

Know your neighbors

Know and be friends with your neighbors. Your neighbors can become your best asset in preventing theft and burglary especially when you are not at home. They can look out for the property when you are out and on vacation.

Change locks

If you are moving into a new place, immediately change the locks or ask your landlord (if you are renting) to change it for you. Even if the old homeowner or tenant already returned the original keys, you won’t know if duplicates are made and distributed to other people.

Don’t label your keys.

If you lost your keys and they are labeled accordingly, then you have a big problem especially if your wallet and ID are lost with it. Thieves can visit your place anytime they want and use your keys to open up each and every door easily.

Don’t let the world know about your vacation or trip.

Don’t post your upcoming trip on your social media accounts. Don’t let possible thieves know that your house will be empty for quite some time. The same thing goes with your answering machine. Don’t leave a recorded message on it that says you are out and won’t be back after a week or so.

Don’t let your mail pile up.

If you are gone for a month or so, ask someone you know (your neighbors maybe) to take care of your mailbox. Ask them to pick up the letters or even packages that will come to your door. You can also ask your local post office to hold all of your mail until you are back. Remember, a pile-up of mail and delivery packages on your doorstep is a huge sign that no one is around.

Home invasion, theft, and burglary happen daily, and you won’t know when it will hit your property. But if you follow these security tips, criminals will have a tough time (and they will surely think twice) breaking into your house. 

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

DynaTrap Flylight Review

DynaTrap Flylight Review, natural, DIY, bug, review, Bug killer, light, UV, home,
Mom Among Chaos received a sample in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. This blog post contains affiliate links. Natural Indoor Bug Repellent.

I'm the type of girl that can't stand bugs. I'm going to admit something to you. I've never slept outside in my life and never plan too. Every time I think of it I imagine bugs crawling on me. I don't like bugs outside, so I definitely don't want them in my house. So, I was excited to check out the DynaTrap natural indoor bug killer.

I was expecting to get some ugly chemical filled contraption, and this so wasn't the case!

DynaTrap Flylight Review

Natural bug killer, natural indoor bug repellent, pest control, yard, natural repellent for home, UV light, natural, safe,

Isn't the DynaTrap natural indoor bug repellent stylish? I thought so! In my household I let the dogs in and out a million times a day so on any given spring or summer's day you may find a fly or mosquito in my house. That's enough to give me the creeps because they carry disease

Here are some things I love about the DynaTrap natural indoor bug killer.
  • No pesticides so they're indoor safe
  • Silent
  • Covers 600 square feet
  • The trap uses UV Light and an easy change StickyTech Glue Board
  • Stylish
  • Can use as a nightlight.
  • You can even charge your phone using a USB cord.
A few months out of the year I become frustrated with fruit flies. I no longer even have to worry about that because of this ingenious device. The DynaTrap covers up to 600 square feet, so I placed mine in my kitchen where I usually end up with a fruit fly problem. I'm also thinking about purchasing a few for my basement where there are tons of insects. I probably need to buy three since I have a good-sized basement.

I love that you can check and change the glue pad every 30 days, so you stay bug-free in the space that you're using the DynaTrap.

Dyna-Trap is a well-known company, and you can find tons of indoor and outdoor products for your household to fit your specific bug needs.

Are you ready to be insect-free?

Friday, March 16, 2018

5 Things on Friday 3/16/18

Happy Friday! We've made it through another week. Pull up a seat and let's chat about our week. Make sure you fill me in, in the comment section.

1. I met up with my small group at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was so nice to get out and have a cheat on my diet meal. The company was even better than the food. I'm falling in love with the bread at Texas Roadhouse I might just have to go back soon for another cheat meal.

2. We headed up north on Saturday with the whole family in tow to work on the cottage. It was not a pleasant car ride. The kids were fighting and screaming at the dogs. It was worse than having two-year-olds throwing tantrums. I see making it through the teenage years will be a day by day thing. It's like being on a roller coaster.

We actually tried a new restaurant this time. We always pass this hopping Coney Island on the way up. I think it's called Big George's. The food was okay. The fried pickles were good, but no place has still beat my Water Tower Sports Pub that's on our street.

3. I've worked for QKids now for 7 months. I teach kids from 3 to 14 how to speak English every morning. I love it. I usually make $20 an hour. If you have a degree or are enrolled in college plus have teaching experience, you just might fall in love with this job as well. They're hiring! Send your resume to referrals@qkids.net and use referral code FIHOFA.

4. On the way to taking Faith to therapy I usually always treat the girls to Starbucks. This week I decided to try a new drink called Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato. The drink is super good if you love cinnamon. I recommend giving it a try.

5. Today, which is Thursday has been a hectic day. I worked, worked out, cleaned, did a little shopping, and went to pick up the girls. Since my oldest is in High School and they get out on half days a little after 10, it really cuts into my day. From there we hung out at my parent's house for a few hours and then went to the chiropractor. Tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing MercyMe's new movie I Can Only Imagine with a friend.

New this week on the blog!
Surviving the Teenage Years

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Surviving the Teenage Years

Surviving the teenage years is definitely not for the faint of heart. You will see things, hear things, and learn things that you never even knew were possible. The teenage years are like being stuck on a roller coaster that you can't get off of. So, if you're getting close, you better buckle up because you're going on one crazy ride. If you've already entered these years, oh mama, I'm there suffering right along with you. You and I need to get together for a cup of coffee to share war stories. If you're passed these Hunger Games, I need all of the encouragement from you I can get.

1. Find a mentor-I'm in MOPS/Next and I sit with a few ladies that have already survived the battle of having a teenager. Yes, they have war stories just like you do but guess what they made it and their child is still alive (imagine that). When you think you're alone or just need a listening ear, talk to someone that is a survivor, yes those wonderful individuals that made it through these horrific and beautiful years. Yes, there are still beautiful moments in these trying years.

Side note, please find a mentor besides your parents. Your parents are going to laugh at you because they think it's payback time. Yes, frankly they're right. 

2. The best that they can do-I have read a ton of parenting books. I hop from one to another trying to solve problems. I have found that what helps the most is having a mantra to repeat. When there are moments where you want to just throw in the towel repeat to yourself that they're doing the best that they can. Being a teenager is hard, you know, you've been one. When they're having an epic-sized tantrum remind your self that they are doing the best that they can, and you're doing the best that you can. When you do this, you will have more empathy, and it will help diffuse the situation.

3. Seek counseling- There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking professional help. These kids live in a different time zone compared to when we were teenagers. Teens today seem to have more mental health issues. I personally believe it's from being glued to phones and all of the chemicals that are in our foods.

I know a handful of kids that are cutting themselves. Parents this is a big deal, cutting, vaping, sexting, being promiscuous these are all MAJOR cries for help. It is our job to be in our kids business. Please be in your teens business and get them help when needed.

4. It takes a village to raise a teen-I don't know how single mom's do it. Raising a teen is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have. Teenagers (think) they know EVERYTHING. If there is something they have an opinion on they will argue just for the sake of arguing and this is completely normal. Teenagers are learning to stand on their own two feet. They are working on leaving the nest. Also, in this time I do believe they are preparing you for their departure (to the point you can't wait for them to leave).

I have found teenagers will listen to a third party before they listen to their parents (the evil ones). Find someone trustworthy that your teen respects to help you when things are difficult. For example, your teen may justify to you why they vape, but if another party is involved, they become embarrassed by their actions. It takes a village to raise a teen.

5. Breathe-These years are fleeting. Enjoy the tiny tender moments from your teen you will find them if you look closely. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my sweet little three-year-old that just adored her mama.  Remember their body is changing in so many miraculous ways. Breathe dear mama you will get through these years of chaos, growth, and your baby bird leaving the nest.

Friday, March 9, 2018

SNAP Special Needs Aquatic Program

This blog post is sponsored by Aqua-Tots Swim Schools. All opinions are my own.
SNAP is Aqua-Tots Swim School's special needs aquatic program. Aqua-Tots has terrific success stories from this adaptive swim education program. This program provides customized swim lessons to meet each child's specific needs. Also, the class accesses goals that you would like your child to achieve! So, each lesson is different for each child's needs! SNAP is a one of a kind swim program located in the Metro Detroit area!

Your child will gain, so many incredible benefits from the SNAP program at Aqua-Tots Swim School. Here are just a few of things that you might notice in your child from attending SNAP classes.

  • Improved strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Confidence and enhanced mood
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Pride and self-confidence
  • Social skills and new friendships
  • Teaches your child a life-saving skill
  • Swimming is terrific for non-verbal children
  • Helps with gaining independence
  • Swimming helps with neurological development

Aqua-Tots Swim School's have a larger handicap changing room and bathrooms.  Many of their pools are even equipped with chair lifts for those who need it. These features make things a little more comfortable for your family.

SNAP is such a great program and so beneficial for special needs children and families in so many fantastic ways. If you have any questions about how the SNAP program can benefit your child, please call your local Aqua-Tots Swim School. The locations and phone number are listed below!

 Aqua-Tots Canton 

43335 Joy Rd., Canton, MI 48187
(734) 828-2000

Aqua-Tots Novi 
44225 W. 12 Mile Road, Ste. C103, Novi, MI  48377
(248) 845-4544

Aqua-Tots Troy 
846 E. Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI  48083
(248) 845-4545

Aqua-Tots Sterling Heights 
44891 Hayes Rd., Sterling Heights, MI  48183
(586) 884-3633

Aqua-Tots Auburn Hills 
 (248) 537-4005
750 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, MI.  48316

Aqua-Tots Farmington Hills 
31221 W. 14 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI.  48334
 (248) 537-4004