Perfect Day

Yesterday was my husband's 37th birthday.  Back in September I won a huge mom prize which included a massage, carpet cleaning, Kroger gift card, tanning, and a facial.  I decided to save some of it to make my hubby's day special.

I always volunteer at the girl's school on Mondays.  I make copies and put fliers into folders.  I made Matt come and help me since he doesn't usually get a chance to see how things work at school.  He took his birthday off of work so we would have a afternoon without kids.  We did our duty at the school and we were off on a magical adventure. Well, any afternoon alone should be called a magical adventure.

The first thing we did was went to a couple's massage. The radio station had given me enough for an hour for me and most of the money for Matt.  So, of course I threw in some extras.  I added a hot stone to mine, which I regretted because the guy spent more time playing with the rocks then pampering me. I had a great hot stone massage before so I thought I would try another.  Even with the rocks fiasco I walked out of there feeling like I had been on a little slice of heaven.

Next, we went to Antonio's to use my next gift certificate.  I had never been there so I was really excited.  I loved it, minus the Broadway tunes all sung in Italian.  I had the best mix of Moscato wine and Asti, yum!  The food was a cheese lover, carbohydrate heaven.  I also had my first gelato.  Matt ended up getting chocolate which was really strong, but he enjoyed it.  I had a bonbon.  It was small and the perfect compliment to dinner.

Matt came home to play endless hours of video games.  I took a snooze since I was in a food coma.  

The one thing Matt asked the girls to do for his birthday was to get along.  Which I was surprised, because for the most part they did.  When they came home from school we all went to see Wreck it Ralph, which I thought was kind of cute.  I'm a picky movie watcher.

Today, the girls didn't have school.  So, I ended up getting to sleep for a full 10 hours.  I must have needed it.  They were still being sweet to each other.  They were lying on Keira's floor watching movies and cuddling, a very rare moment indeed.




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