Good Intentions

I had all of these good intentions to post pictures from my Halloween party slash Matts, birthday on my blog.  I was so excited to be Wonder Woman.  I had Wonder Woman underoos as a kid, so when we went with the hero theme I knew I had to be Wonder Woman.  Due to the fact I had one to many drinks and think I'm modeling for Vogue the pictures will never be seen by human eyes again.  Maybe, Zombies would enjoy the pictures.

Since I am cheap, also known as on a budget I needed to find a costume that did not cost $50 bucks.  So, I started scouting Ebay for a deal.  I make the decision that I can still fit in a junior small from 2-6 because it was stretchy material. a peek at the link.  When I won the auction I was so excited that I got such a fab deal.  When it arrived in the mail I knew that something was off.  I opened the package and out fell a thong, yes a thong.  What did I order?  A fantasy costume.  The thong was thrown in the trash right away, gross.

 So, me myself, and my saline girlfriends were squeezed, stuffed, with the turkey timer popped yelling over done.  After a few drinks I was posing up the storm, not in a flattering way by any means.  I had a good time dancing, chowing, and hanging with my friends.  Only to crash at midnight, yes midnight at my own party.  When you usually get up at 5:30, staying up to midnight is a huge deal.



  1. Anyone else have underoos growing up?

  2. I still love the photo I took of you and Matt together! One day you will look back at it and realize, "Damn...I WAS HOT like everyone kept telling me!"


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