Yellow Sticks & Tender Moments

My daughter, Keira, is one picky little eater.  Her food usually consists of something made with cheese, cheese, and yet more cheese.  She begs for a McDonald's happy meal all of the time.  The real reason she wants it?  Of course the toy, and she also enjoys the apples.  We had been running around most of the afternoon when she asked me if she could have one.  I am always asking her if she is actually going to eat it because I know the answer.  She replied that she would eat the yellow sticks.  It took me a moment to comprehend what she had just agreed to eat.  Oh yeah, she just agreed to eat a french fry.  Seriously?  What kid doesn't know what a french fry is?  How come this is so funny to me?  I love french fries, and would scarf them down any opportunity I received, if I wasn't counting calories 90% of the time.  

My daughter, Faith, is almost 10 years old.  She comes up to my chin, and soon will be bigger then me.  Why do I find it odd that my baby is going to tower over me?  I guess you always expect them to be little.  We were sitting in Keira's swim lessons and chatting.  We rarely get alone time so I asked her if she want to sit in my lap.  She so sucked this opportunity up.  People were probably looking at us thinking we were odd, but I don't care.  How much time do we really have with our kids before they are gone?  Not a whole lot.

The girls have to dress up for a school concert.  Faith is not a girly girl.  She picked out a red sparkly dress.  She tried it on when she got home and she looked stunning.  It was form fitted and she looked so grown up and beautiful.  Awe, my baby will be double digits soon.



  1. Rylie requested spinach salad & mayo on a bun for dinner last night, although she didn't know what to call it so she went with "the white stuff that isn't ranch".


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