Recorder Hell

Who ever came up with the idea of the recorder needs to be shot or put through hours of listening to off key notes.  It's kind of like Chinese water torture.  

Faith has been so excited about her recorder.  She has been spending lots of time practicing.  She has been practicing and then coming out of her room to play for me.  I was like Faith you are doing a great job and I can hear you just fine from your room.  She always insists on playing her off key notes, and trying to teach me.

I already suffered through my recorder days in Junior High, and don't plan on reliving them so she can teach me notes.  So, I smile and listen to her play instead.  Somebody please throw me a Motrin for the headache of listening to that instrument.

The good Mommy I am, I just give kind encouragement, but seriously burn the recorder.  



  1. I video taped Morgan playing, showed her the video 3 years later, and we both had a good laugh. Lorin is still mortified by the video of his first flute concert. Tape it! Later you will appreciate the beginnings!

  2. I bought my niece a recorder for her last birthday! :D I'm very pro-music so it was wicked with a good intent. ;) In our house, we have a cello, violin, keyboard, guitar, didgeridoo, mbira, a couple types of recorders, hand drums, a kid's accordion, shakers, horns, and... ha!


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