When You Die

I was getting ready to go to work yesterday.  I was in the bathroom putting my makeup on.  Keira, has always liked this blush set that I have, because it opens and has a little mirror in it.

"Mom, can I have the blush set?"

"No, because it's not gone yet.  When it's gone, then I will give it to you."

"Mom, but it's going to take until you die for me to get it."

"No Keira, it won't take until I die for you to get it."

"Mom, your going to die, and I get all of your makeup.  Actually, I will get everything that was yours.  So, I won't miss you at all because everything will be mine."

I was trying not to laugh at this point.  This little girl who hovers over me all of the time.  Who spends hours playing with my hair, trying to sleep on my back, and not giving me an ounce of personal space would so miss me.

I'm going to enjoy every little tiny bit of the little girl she is now.

I know one day she will be a woman, and I will miss her invading my space.   




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