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Did you know that your cell phone is dirtier than a toilet? One in six phones has fecal matter on them, or that hand-held electronics have more germs than a door knob. Your phone has more than 25,000 germs per square inch, eighteen times more bacteria than a public restroom. Gross! Since your mobile phone is a constant companion, you can keep it clean with Celluwipes.

Celluwipes can be used on cell phones, tablets, laptops, earbuds, remote controls, gaming devices, keyboards and so much more. They come in handy pocket-sized packaging which makes them super easy to carry around with you. So, you can throw a few in your purse, car, or near your computer.

My daughter, Keira, has asthma, so we have to be super careful around flu/cold season because any little virus can turn into a big deal for her breathing. Celluwipes are perfect to throw in my purse for when she wants to use my phone or game on her iPod. Keeping her healthy is essential in our household and Celluwipes kills the lurking germs.
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If you're not cleaning your cell and other electronics daily, you need Celluwipes stat! Celluwipes kills the germs that could potentially cause you to get sick. So quit carrying around that phone that is dirtier than a public restroom and pick-up some Celluwipes.

Where can you find Celluwipes? You can purchase them on Amazon or at your local Midwest Meijer stores!
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