My Mommy Is Fat

I have always loved trying to decipher my first grader's writing.  It is like a puzzle, and I love puzzles.  I actually was offended when I first read this, until I figured it out.  Once I decoded what it actually said, I was dying laughing.  

This is what I thought it said.  My Mom is fat. She is very, very fat.  Then at the bottom, I assumed she was calling me fat, again.  

I almost cried, because if you know me, you know I spend a lot of time eating healthy, and working out.

My girls always ask me why my stomach is not flat like theirs.  I always tell them, hello, you were both big babies.  Keira, weighed almost nine pounds.

So, here is what it actually says:  (It took me awhile to decode it.)

"My Mom tire is flat.  It is very, very flat.  We couldn't drive to school.  Papa drove us to school today.  The tire at the back is very, very flat."

Isn't that hilarious?  Detective Mom, saves the day! 



  1. Now that you told me what it says, looking back at it, it is very obvious. Rylie writes like this, too. I ask her what this word or that one is & when she tells me I can always tell why she spelled words the way she did.

  2. Keira gets offended when I ask what it states, so I try to decode on my own.

  3. I thought it said my mom tire is fat, not Mom is fat. And the pic she draw is obviously your van!!! :p. Feeling guilty about the extra treats you're eating Crystal? Ha ha ha!!!!!


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