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Coming soon to: The Palace of Auburn Hills February 9, 2013
The Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Chaos℠ tour has assembled the world's greatest cast of freestyle motocross riders, including Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg Adam, Jones, Mike Mason, Ronnie Faisst, Beau Bamburg, and Taka Higashino. Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Chaos is the legend of two powerful freestyle motocross tribes whose survival in their post-apocalyptic world is told through gravity defying and fearless aerial feats. The Nuclear Cowboyz mayhem and chaos is literally set in extreme non-stop motion when the tribes are challenged by a dark underworld that begins the ultimate freestyle battle for world supremacy.
EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS FOR YOU! Discount offer 4 tickets for $80 Promo Code FAMILY
Disclaimers Not valid on VIP Fall Out Zone or Gold Circle seating. Valid only on $35 seats.  Must be purchased in packs of 4.  Limit 12 tickets in one purchase.  Savings of $60!



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