The Journey

We are in the process, (again) of looking for vacant lots with beach access.  It's so exciting, but I think the most important part is the journey.  It's the hours I spend with my husband dreaming, and hoping.   

It's also, about the journey of getting to this point.  Some people just assume certain things about my family, that are not true.  Let me set the record straight.  I have two part-time jobs.  I own a small business, and I'm a substitute teacher.  We are very frugal, meaning I have a weekly budget, that I will not go over.  So, sometimes if the girls are in need of something I have no problem buying something used.  Other times, they are dressed adorably in stylish clothing.  I coupon for just about everything.  Some weeks, what we eat is based on what is on sale.

I'm not saying in anyway we are hurting, but I would have no problem giving up cable TV, to pay for my daughter gymnastics lessons.  

So, it's a journey of saving, making exceptions, and hard work.   
Some people have the nerve to ask what I do all day.  Hello, I work my butt off.  I work just about every weekend. During the week I am a taxi cab, a house cleaner, a bill payer, a mother, a wife, and a volunteer.  I have so many roles that I can't even mention them all.    

So, dreaming is a journey.  Not necessarily a destination. I may end up with some land, but it will be another journey to fulfill, to work toward my home that I will eventually have on it.




  1. I'm sorry someone asked you what you do all day, they must be clueless.
    Yesterday, Aaron was remembering the places I've worked over the years, until he got to now. Then he asked why I'm not working. Maybe I should get a new job, but I don't want to work on weekends. I'd rather do the trade off of couponing & cutting expenses in order to be home with my family.

  2. Being a Mom is a job and a half. Never let them get to you. Your kids will always be grateful you were there!!!!!


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