Front Door Valentine Wreath

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Here is a cute picture of, Stephanie, modeling with the Front Door Valentine Wreath she made. She made it in under an hour and all from the Dollar Store.

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Front Door Valentine Wreath

Here is what you will need:
Hot glue gun
candy conversation hearts

First of all, pick your wreath. Stephanie used a foam one, and I used a wood wreath. See picture below. 

wreaths, Valentine's, DIY, crafts, holiday
If I weren't cheap, I would have looked for a heart shaped wreath.

Take your ribbon and start wrapping. Make sure you overlap the fabric, so it stays in place. When you are finished, hot glue the ends.

It's time for the hearts, or any other candy you can think of.  Just start hot gluing. Stephanie made an even pattern. I placed mine randomly.

Top it with a bow. I forgot this step, as you can see in the picture, but I think it makes it look much cuter if you put a bow on it.

PS. Keep it away from your dog. My dog spent most of her time trying to lick it. Thank goodness no one in my family can stand the hearts. I bought three bags and ended up with a bag and a half left over. So, I put them in a glass vase as a decoration.



  1. How cute!! I'd have to make sure to buy safe glue, because I know my son & husband would steal some!!! ha/ha Pinned & Tweeted!

  2. What a neat craft. Definitely don't let the dog have it LOL.

  3. Anonymous3/20/2013

    I have images of my dog leaping up at the front door attempting to steal pieces of candy. That would be pretty hilarious to watch :).

    Adorable craft. Thanks for sharing


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