Easter Egg Dud

I have been collecting the kid's trash for about a week now.  You know that trash that you find in between the cushions, or casually thrown on the floor without a care in the world.  The trash that usually gets magically placed by a whimsical fairy in a kingdom called the trash can.  Yes, you all know what I'm talking about.

Well, this whimsical fairy has had enough of her trash duty.  

So, there will be a few "duds" in the Easter Eggs.  Yes, Popsicle wrappers with their gooey stickiness.  Candy wrappers that never made it in to the waste kingdom.  Yogurt tops that land poetically all on the floor.  All of this will fill some plastic eggs.

I should video tape their sweet little joyful faces when they pop open the eggs, only to discover trash.  I'm so mean, but so is leaving trash.

Maybe, the whimical garbage fairy will be able to sit back with a glass of wine, and take some much needed time off.  



  1. Love this idea! :D

  2. You rebel. Reminds me of those Jimmy Kimmel pranks


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