The Easter Egg Dud Follow-up

I bought Faith and Keira plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt.  In my kitchen I have sparkly eggs in a glass container, as a decoration.  Both of them have been eyeing the gold one for weeks.  They had the grand idea that it would contain $5.

By now you're getting a clue about how my mind works.  I decided to fill that egg with the trash.  

When it came time to hide the eggs, I made sure I stuffed the golden egg down the side of the couch.  Exactly where they love to stuff the trash.

The girls were in a crazy race to find any Easter egg, but most of all the "golden" egg.  The rest of the eggs contained candy and two of them money.

After the eggs had been discovered I could barely hold my excitement of seeing their faces.  

Keira ended up with the golden egg, so they both watched as she opened it.  She opened it up and the garbage starting falling out.  Of course, she thought it was hilarious.  

Then they both were laughing and they thought it would be fun to leave more trash.  I advised them that they would have coal in their stockings for Christmas if they continued with the garbage.

So, maybe my idea backfired a bit.  It was still fun and amusing for all of us.  



  1. My kids would have given me the drop dead face and only Seth would be laughing. But the dh can fill Easter eggs and put a rock in one and a note that said tuff luck kid signed the EB and they think that's funny


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