Girl Scout Cookies & Throat Lozenge

This is my youngest, Keira.  She loves being a Daisy.  She was on her way to sell Girl Scout cookies when she decided to crown herself to sell more cookies.  How could you not buy a box of Thin Mints from this cutie?

This morning I liked to have choked, from laughing so hard.  Keira had just finished throwing a fit.  Faith and her were fighting in the car over who gets to sit in the favorite spot.  Which in kid terms means whatever your favorite seat is, it shall also be mine, just to piss you off.

Keira was complaining about her throat hurting from screaming her head off.  

"Mom, I need a throat lozenge because it will remove all of the scratches off my throat.  After it removes all of the scratches, it goes down my tummy.  Then I poop it out."

Wow, I didn't know that they work that way.  I guess you learn something new everyday.   



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