Keratin and Eyelash Extension Update

It's been about a month since I had my Keratin treatment and eyelash extensions.  There have been ups and downs with both.

The eyelash extensions began to get clumpy and bunch together right away.  I called up to the place that did them and they wanted to know if I am a side sleeper.  Of course I am, and that is why one side is bunched together.

I highly recommend them for vacation.  It was wonderful not having to apply mascara and always looking like I have makeup on.  Also, not getting raccoon eyes was pretty terrific.

I have lost some of them, but a ton of them remain.  They still look OK, but just don't look too close.  My husband laughs at them every night.  He doesn't know the difference between an eyelash and a eyebrow, because he will say your eyebrows are looking crazy, when he is really talking about my eyelashes.

It costs $30 bucks to have them removed.  I'm cheap, so I guess I will have odd eyelashes for awhile.

My hair is still smooth from the Keratin treatment.  It didn't do much good with the 100% humidity in Mexico, but when I came back it was straight.

It still requires me to blow dry it each time I wash it.  Otherwise, it looks weird.  I do have to admit that having wavy hair is actually a blessing because wash and go is way easier and less time consuming.  I now have to set my alarm an extra 10 minutes early because of having to blow dry.

I would definitely do the eyelash extensions again, and maybe even the Keratin treatment.      



  1. How much was the Keratin treatment and the eyelashes? Where did you get them done?

  2. I did Grou pons for both. I think the keratin was $70, and the extensions $40. The eyelashes were at Austure in Livonia. The hair was in Garden City. They have groupons all of the time

  3. Seriously impressive! nice post about Eyelash extension I think I migth treat myself before my holiday, will look good on the beach without make-up! xx


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