Deli Fried Chicken at Your Local Kroger Store

I had the pleasure of trying Kroger's Deli Fried Chicken courtesy of BzzAgent.  I have to admit we were impressed.  

I am always looking for quick dinner solutions.  I have found a new one that I know is going to be a favorite.  Kroger's deli offers various types of fresh, ready to serve chicken.  Including, hand breaded, hot wings, and rotisserie.  So, you just buy and you have instant dinner.  Shh, make your family think you slaved away in the kitchen all day.  It's that good.

So, pair it up with your favorite spud, some Coke Cola, and your family will love you for it.  

Kroger's deli chicken is way cheaper then hitting a fast food place.  It also tastes like a home cooked meal.

I have coupons for $2 off a 8-piece fried chicken and 2 Coca-Cola 1.25 liter bottles.  If you would like one please let me know.



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