Tooth Reject

Keira had two bottom teeth that did not want to fall out, her permanent teeth grew up behind the loose ones.

Keira is a huge fan of chocolate milk.  I have to limit her consumption otherwise she would drink all day long, and not eat.

When I took Keira to the dentist earlier in the year for a cleaning, that were huffy with me.  They asked Keira if I let her drink tea.  Keira told them yes, of course.  Keira has had tea one time in her life, so she made me look like a fibber to the dentist.  They advised me that was why her teeth looked stained.  This annoyed me because I told them it was from the chocolate milk.  They claimed it wasn't possible.

Months after the dentist visit Keira's lower two teeth were just hanging.   The hygienist had showed me how to pull them by crossing a piece of dental floss and pulling the two ends.  Keira was desperate for them to be out, so she let me pop the first one out by using the dental floss.

It came out and we were grossed out about how stained it was.  Even Keira was grossed out.

She started flipping out about how she isn't going to get money, and her tooth would be rejected by the tooth fairy because it was stained.

We finally told her that the tooth fairy has a buffer system that cleans the tooth before it goes to a baby.  I have no clue why she thought that they went to a baby, but we just went with it.

I was so bummed not to get to see a toothless grin, but her top tooth is really loose and no teeth are growing behind it.  I can't wait for her toothless grin.  I love toothless front teeth. 



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