Smart Phones Suck

My husband finally broke down and replaced his ancient phone.  

I had all of these great ideas in my head about how I would text him during the day if I needed him to pick up something at the grocery store.

Only my grand ideas have turned on me.

Not in a good way.

I have been awaken by him punching in his security code at an hour that I should not be out of my dreamland slumber.

On days when his code hasn't made me peek to see what that noise is, I have noticed that he is playing Candy Crush, and other games at the break of dawn.

He should be awaiting the moment that I awake to greet me good morning.


I have been doing the same thing for a year.  Before I get out of bed, I check my phone to make sure nothing major has went on during my slumber.

My thoughts on this new situation?

This kind of sucks.  Our phones are making our brains work at hours when we should be lounging and thinking about other things.

What have we got ourselves into with this technological nonsense?

What weird things are happening when I prefer to play a game verses read a book?

Or, the awkward situation when you're out with a friend and feel the need to check your phone.  

Have you had weird pains in your hand from overuse?

It's time we look at ourselves and our actions.

I'm not pointing fingers.

I'm just saying for me, I am going to be aware of my surroundings.  I want to watch my kids grow.  I don't want to say, hang on a minute before you do that cartwheel, because I need to complete this level on Candy Crush.

I'm working on being aware.



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